Posted on Feb 26, 2018
What a huge turnout on Monday night.
I am pleased to say that we had many alumni HHART members , new guests and Rotarians attend. 
After 50 , I stopped counting! It was heart warming to hear testimonials from the members who just came back from the villages of Dominican. The projects that were covered were the new Montessori style school for 3-8 years,( which was partly funded by foundation dollars) . The cementing of one of the main streets, painting the outside of some homes, the ongoing dental and medical triage programs and a new roof for one of the main buildings that house 20 plus families! No more sleeping under tarps for them. I loved hearing the stories and seeing the before and after pictures of some of the people that have had their lives changed from our friends at Hhart. Here is a great article that was written in the online Collingwood today news , please have a look. Thank you to everyone that was able to attend, it truly was a great night!