Posted by Terri Ewing on Oct 04, 2017
No Guest speaker but a LOT was covered...
We got an update on the corvette lottery, presented an award to Todd Young, reviewed Food Bank requirements for October, Successfully organised several committees and volunteers and reviewed the District Conference.
Keith's ticket was drawn but the money is still safe and building for next meeting after our Thanksgiving break.
Have a joyous holiday everyone.
What a Terrific meeting - No guest speaker and yet we still had more to cover than time allowed
First on the agenda (after lunch of course) was an update on the Corvette Lottery
  • Sold out 2000 tickets -- > $80,000 raised for local charities
  • Most tickets ever in one shift
  • Processed more tickets in 1 sitting
  • Sold more tickets at 1 venue than ever
  • ¼ sales were from past ticket purchasers
Then we had a presentation to Todd Young & Beach Home Hardware
  •   Certificate of Appreciation for donation of solar lights to HHART Project
Angela reminded us that October is Spaghetti Sauce month for WB Food Bank (Elizabeth D won the draw for 2 bottles of wine - keep them chilled Elizabeth laugh for visits from thirsty Rotarians)
Todd, Steve, Elizabeth, Sylvia on committee to determine our new process for Corvette funds distribution
Terri to research the cost of Rotary bags and present options to the Club
Veteran’s Lunch committee looking for Volunteers -- $1200 budget for Nov 13th
Need volunteers for Santa Clause Parade Nov 25th, 5 - 7pm
  • Need vehicle to pull trailer
  • Sylvia to buy candy for distribution and Elizabeth DeGroot offered to purchase Rotary Ponchos for those walking with the float
Membership & retention committee meeting Oct 2 at James Kohle’s house
From Conference, Kevin’s update on district conference
All service groups are losing memberships -- we need to make it easier to join Rotary
  • to make up a meeting
  • Good people doing Good things in their community
  • Ideas:  Should be Family memberships
Reminder: International Conference in Toronto June 23 - 27, 2018.