We received these pictures from Haiti showing the distribution of the Plumpy Nut nutritional bars for the children.  I'm sure that you all remember that we spearheaded this project and then the hurricanes came in 2008. 

Four storms--Fay, Gustav, Hanna, and Ike--dumped heavy rains on the impoverished nation. Haiti suffered 793 killed, with 310 missing and another 593 injured. The hurricanes destroyed 22,702 homes and damaged another 84,625. About 800,000 people were affected--8% of Haiti's total population. The flood wiped out 70% of Haiti's crops, resulting in dozens of deaths of children due to malnutrition in the months following the storms. Source: Weather Underground, Inc.

This project has been on hold while Haiti got back on its feet.  We're happy to see that some of the country's children are getting the nutrition they need, thanks to Rotary.  Check the Photo Gallery for more pictures.