Monroe Rotarian Pat Green spoke about her trips to Cameroon in Africa and her efforts to improve life for the locals.
CRAT stands for Centre for Rehabilitation and Abolition of Trauma. Cameroon is a small country on the west coast of central Africa that is home to many refugees from internal conflicts in neighboring countries.
Pat has made several trips to Africa to help the residents deal with the trauma they have faced and improve their way of life in a poor, primitive country. On her last trip, she and her son, Michael, worked in the fields doing back-breaking work to help get the crops ready, and also distributed candy and small toys to the children.
The Yaounde Rotary Club sent several proposals for assistance from American Rotarians. One was to fund a vehicle and another will provide training for teachers to assist young women who experienced traumatic events.
Pat can be reached at 845-294-3330 or by email at