Gifts purchased for more than 180 children
The good news is that we had a great response to the Giving Tree in Walmart. The bad news was that we had to wrap all the gifts that were purchased for more than 180 children. We had almost bitten off more than we could chew! But Rotarians are persistent and determined. Gary Groo set up a gift-wrapping station at his store and Rotary members stopped in for an hour or so, when they could, to wrap a few gifts. Gifts were also delivered to our Monday meeting and our program was an all-hands-on gift wrapping bonanza. We made it ... the work got done ... the gifts wrapped and delivered to the agencies who provided the names of those in need! Thank you to everyone who helped. We have a lot of ideas for improvement next year. We extend a special thank you to Walmart and its employees for their generosity towards this program. It was truly a wonderful partnership between a strong community corporation and the best of Rotary! We're so proud to have taken on this project and seen it through to the end.