Paul Halpern, Gert Mokotoff and Dr. Parida reported great news regarding this project.
You remember the Plumpy Nut Project? We are working with a Central American Rotary Club to provide Plumpy Nut nutrition bars for children. The grant package has been re-submitted to the Rotary International Foundation. We look forward to a positive response to this request for funding. The amazing, unexpected news is that we received a letter from the Caribbean African Unity Organization at the Fishkill Correctional Facility. Apparently members of this organization read about our Plumpy Nut project in the Times Herald Record and wanted to help. The inmates pulled together $1,243.88 for this effort and sent us a check for this amount! What a wonderful surprise!! We've been invited to come to the correctional facility and have some photos taken. Proof that you never know where Rotary will take you, or what blessings it will bring.