Friday, Dec. 17 and Saturday, Dec. 18 All checks are accepted in the kettle, or give them to Matt Flanagan or Karen Miller.
It will be an all-Rotary bell-ringing two days at the Galleria. Matt Flanagan is coordinating bell ringers for Middletown Rotary to stand kettles near Dunkin' Donuts. Wallkill East Rotary will be at the Macy's end of the mall and Minisink Rotary will cover the kettle in the Target tunnel.

Also if you're planning to make an annual gift to the Salvation Army, remember to give through Rotary. Karen Miller has a small tabletop kettle or put it in our Rotary kettle at the Galleria Mall.

No matter which kettle you visit, it all goes to a great Salvation Army cause!!THANK YOU!!