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Canfield Rotary Program - July 20, 2018
Greeter - Jack Saunders
Meeting Chair - Anthony Nacarato
Pledge of Allegiance & God Bless America - Skip Mirto
Invocation - Christine Oliver
Song Leader - Lance Hartshorn
Fellowship - John Morvay
Today's guests included Joan and Chris Melek, Molly Johnson, Dale Bricker, Mary Ellen Castell, and Dan Wearsch.
  •  Anthony thanked everyone who helped with the planning and set up leading to last week's Changeover Dinner held at Kensington Golf Club.  It was a beautiful evening filled with fun, food, and fellowship.  Thank you, also, to Margot Baird for her service to the club as last year's President.  We appreciate all you did in assuring another successful year for Canfield Rotary!
  • In looking forward to this year's events, Anthony asked that club members please make a concentrated effort to help out with the work it takes to set up for our events whenever possible.  The more people we have pitching in, the faster and easier the work is for everyone.
  • Club members are reminded that there will be a joint district dinner to welcome the new District Governor on Thurs., Aug 9, at Mt. Carmel Church Hall in Youngstown.  Members are encouraged to bring guests; the cost of the dinner, which includes beer and wine, is $20.00 per person; however, Canfield Rotary will cover the cost for each member attending.  A sign up sheet will be circulated for all those interested in attending.  Please bring a plate of cookies to share.
  • Members who have not yet completed pick up of their flag routes are asked to please do so ASAP so that any damaged flags may be repaired at the next work party, scheduled for Monday, July 23, at 7:00P.M All help will be appreciated, as there has been considerable damage to the flags this season.
Today's Speaker
Today's speaker was Canfield Rotarian and City Manager Wade Calhoun, who spoke to the club about plans for the city and township of Canfield discussed at last night's State of the City meeting.  Wade shared with the club details of a 10 year comprehensive plan that includes considerations and improvements in traffic management, zoning, and utilities.  One of the goals is the revitalization of the Village Green in an effort to attract more retail establishments.  There are several community events planned, including a Toy Drive sponsored by the Canfield Police Department in order to benefit Akron Children's Hospital, to be held on July 25th on the Village Green from 4 - 8 P.M.  There will be vendors and activities for families to enjoy.  Another event which has been planned is a Community Night on August 18th which will feature safety services for children and culminate with an outdoor showing of the movie "Sing."  All in all, the long term goal is to attract and maintain residents who wish to invest in the quality of our community. 
Changeover Party Pics
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Posted by Mike Raulin on Jul 07, 2018
Aurélie Piret, our exhange student from Belgium, caught a plane yesterday for home. Aurélie was an incredible exchange student—friendly, poised, outgoing, and an incredible ambassador for her home country of Belgium and for Rotary. Before she left, we had a party for her at the Fairgrounds, with a beautiful cake baked by Leslie Butler from the club. And over the Fourth of July holiday, Aurélie helped the club with both the fireworks and with our float in the parade.
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Posted by Mike Raulin on Jul 05, 2018
Each year, Rotary clubs around the world swear in a new set of officers. The Canfield Rotary Club will be swearing in their new officers on July 13 at their President's Changeover Dinner to be held at the Kensington Grill. Although the swearing in is on the 13th, all the officers took over their new positions on July 1. The incoming president is Anthony Nacarato. He will be taking over for Margot Baird, who served as president for 2017-2018. Canfield Rotarian Mike Raulin, who stepped down as District Governor on June 30th, will swear in the new officers.
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Posted by Mike Raulin on Jul 05, 2018
Although not all the figures are in, it appears that the Canfield Rotary Club has, for the second year in a row, broken the district record for highest per capita giving to the Annual Fund of the Rotary International Foundation. The club has also had the highest giving to the Annual Fund in the district for 4 of the past 5 years. The club's per capita giving was just over $450 for 2017-2018. That is more than double the next highest club for giving. The Foundation Chairs (John Morvey and Paul Sherba) set a stretch goal of a dollar a day, but with the aid of several major donations from members, they exceeded that goal by more than 25%. The club set a new record last year when club member Sieglinde Warren was district governor, and the club broke that record this year when club member Mike Raulin was district governor.
Part of the money donated to the Foundation is returned to the club in three years, and the Canfield Rotary Club has used that money to support several major projects in Canfield, including replacing the Canine Unit dog for the Police Department, upgrading the War Vet Museum, and wiring the Green for the Lighting of the Green and for other events on the Green.
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Posted by Mike Raulin on Jun 14, 2018
Pony rides at the Fireworks FestThe Canfield Rotary club will once again be putting on a free fireworks display at the Canfield Fairgrounds on Saturday, June 30th. Gates will open at 6 PM, with the fireworks going off at 10 PM. J.D. Eicher will be performing starting at 8 PM, and we will have lots of activities for young children, including pony rides, photo-ops with Disney characters, and World Champion Boomerang demonstrations. Walk-ins are free.
For more information, check out our Facebook page:
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Harold Reed, longtime member of the Canfield Rotary Club, passed away in December of 2016. In his honor, his friends and family have started a memorial scholarship in Harold's name. If you would like to contribute to this scholarship fund, you can send your check to the Canfield Rotary Club (P. O. Box 11, Canfield, OH 44406). Make the check out to Canfield Rotary Foundation, with a notations saying Harold Reed Memorial.
If you would like to know more about this scholarship, contact Mike Raulin at 330-518-5233 or
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Posted by Michael Raulin on Oct 17, 2013

The Rotary Club of Canfield each year recognizes the individual who best exemplifies the spirit of Rotary in their first full year as a Rotarian. The official title of this award is the Outstanding First-Year Rotarian, but everyone knows it as the Rookie of the Year award. This year, two Rotarians were recognized: Chris Bland and Twila D’Amico. As part of their award, Chris and Twila were awarded Paul Harris Fellowships, which involved a donation of $1000 in each of their names to the Rotary International Foundation.

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Posted by Michael Raulin on Aug 15, 2013
More than a dozen past, present, and future district governors attended the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Canfield as part of the announcement that Canfield Rotarian Sieglinde Warren had been selected to be the district governor for 2016-2017 for District 6650. The district stretches from Wooster to the Pennsylvania and West Virgina State lines and from Kinsman to Steubenville. It includes 48 clubs and covers roughly 20% of the state of Ohio. Sieglinde is only the second district governor from Canfield in its 58 year history. She is a past president of the club, a past assistant district governor for the six clubs in Mahoning county, and the past advisor for the Canfield High School Interact Club. She also helped to start the Rotaract club at YSU, has been actively involved in the RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) program, and has been a leader in the club, the district, and the national level in Rotary Youth Exchange. This will be a first for the district in that there she will be half of the first husband and wife district governor duo; her husband Larry was District Governor in 2003-2004.
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Posted by Michael Raulin on Mar 22, 2013
For the second year in a row, Nathan Pecchia not only won the Canfield Rotary Club's 4-Way Test Speech Contest, but went on to win the District Competition. Nathan, a senior at Canfield High School and a four-year member of the Speech and Debate Team, is continuing his remarkable career in speech by finishing with a first at State and competing later this spring at nationals. He is also a gifted actor and has had the lead in school plays. He is going to pursue a career in Drama. We are proud of how well Nathan portrayed the concept of the 4-Way Test, which embodies the principles of Rotary, and we wish him the very best in his career.
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Posted by Michael Raulin on Mar 21, 2013
The very first Spirit of Rotary Award was presented to Dick Barrett at his home by President Brianna Pridon and Vocational Chair Marty Raupple earlier today. Dick has spent his entire adult life embodying the principles and spirit that is Rotary. For well over four decades, he maintained perfect attendance, and during that entire time, he gave generously of his time and resources to Rotary causes. He and his wife Nancy have taken in more than a dozen Rotary exchange students, they have generously supported the Rotary Foundation, and have provided support and leadership to the Canfield Rotary Club in so many ways. For years, new members learned about Rotary through fireside chats held at the Barrett residence, and no one was more supportive of new members than Dick. The award is named the Spirit of Rotary, but it could just as well be called the Spirit of Canfield Rotary, since Dick has always been part of the energy that drives our club.
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Posted by Michael Raulin on Mar 14, 2013
The cornerstone of Rotary is the commitment of its members to ethical behavior in both their personal and professional lives. This commitment is encapsulated in the Four-Way test, which is recited at the close of every meeting.
1. Is it the truth?
2. Is it fair to all concerned?
3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Each year, Rotary Clubs around the world sponsor a speech contest, in which local high school students compete with a brief speech that investigates an aspect of the world from the standpoint of the Four-Way Test. The Canfield Rotary Club is proud to host the students from the Canfield High School Speech Team, which this year is the #1 speech team in the State of Ohio. Representing the speech team this year are Nathan Pecchia, Rosie Jo Neddy, Andnik Massaro, and Brandon Brooks, who are all seniors. In an incredibly close contest, top prize went to Nathan Pecchia, who also won the top prize at the club level last year and then went on to win the Rotary District 6650 contest (representing 47 clubs in Eastern Ohio). Second place went to Brandon Brooks, with Ms. Neddy and Mr. Massaro tying for third place. Mr. Pecchia will again be representing Canfield in the District Contest later this month. Jeremy Hamilton is the coach of the speech team.
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Posted by Michael Raulin on Nov 24, 2011
 Once again, the Rotary Club of Canfield will help to usher in the holidays with the Lighting of the Green, to be held on the Green at the Gazebo starting at 7PM on Friday, December 2nd. There will be Christmas carols, a live nativity scene, carriage rides, snacks, a scavenger hunt, and of course, Santa. The Green will come alive with Christmas lights at 7:45. It is a night that you and your children will remember forever. Please join us to welcome the holidays.
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Posted by Michael Raulin on Nov 04, 2011
In 1984, Rotary International pledged to wipe out Polio from the face of the earth. Since that time, Rotarians have innoculated over 2 billion children worldwide, often negotiating cease fires from long-standing wars to permit volunteers to go in and risk their lives to innoculate children at risk. Rotary has partnered with numerous agencies, governments, and foundations in this effort, most recently with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. When we started, there were 1000 new cases a day worldwide. To date, there are just over 500 new cases in all of 2011. As our public service announcement says, we are this close.

The Rotary Club of Canfield will be holding a special raffle to support the Polio Plus program of the Rotary International Foundation, which is supporting this Polio erradication effort. It is called Something for Him; Something for Her, and tickets will be available for sale in the next few days (until Christmas). He gets four tickets for the New Year's Day game between Pittsburgh and Cleveland (courtesy of Sam and Donna Boak). She gets an incredible day of pampering for herself and a friend. Watch for details on the entire package here.

We will wipe out Polio, because we will not stop until we do. Let's finish the job!
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Posted by Michael Raulin on Sep 11, 2011
The Canfield Rotary will be holding its Poorest of the Poor Clothing drive on Saturday, October 22nd, in the parking lot of the Canfield Middle School from 9 AM until Noon. Bags and boxes of clothing can be dropped off at the parking lot during those hours or you can call 330-533-3303 to arrange a pickup at your home by a Canfield Rotarian.
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Each club member needs to sign onto the website to change his or her password and update his or her profile.
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The annual Canfield Rotary Fireworks Fest will be held on Saturday, June 29th, with gates opening at 5 PM and fireworks around 10 PM. There will be a Monster Truck Show in the grandstand featuring some of the finest monster trucks and drivers in the world (separate admission in the grandstand). The pit opens at 5:00 to see the trucks and talk to the drivers, and the show starts at 7 PM. There will continuous entertainment on our stage featuring J. D. Eicher and the Goodnights, Magma Project, and the Dickey White Band. There will be bounce-arounds and face painting for the kids, and more than two dozen food vendors. The fireworks will be the largest Zambelli fireworks show between Pittsburgh and Cleveland, and it will feature a coordinated music program. Come early, enjoy the food and entertainment, and get a good spot to see the fireworks. Fairground parking is $5/car. See for more information.
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And the winner is .... Marjorie Grace (CHECK SPELLING) from Lake Milton.

The Canfield Rotary Club partnered with Hospice of the Valley to raffle of a brand new Chevy Cruze at the Canfield Fair. The winning ticket was pulled by Doug and Mary Ann of K-105 FM on Labor Day at the Fair just before the Blake Shelton show in the grandstand. Our winner purchased her winning ticket through the Hospice of the Valley mailing this summer. She and her husband picked up their $27,000+ car at Greenwood Chevrolet on Thursday afternoon. Although they drove off with the car, everyone who contributed to this event was a winner.

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The Mahoning-Shenango Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals gave the 2008 Outstanding Civic Organization Award to the Canfield Rotary Club at a luncheon  held on November 11th to celebrate the 18th Annual National Philanthropy Day. Bill Hendricks, accepting the award on behalf of the club, gave a moving tribute to the spirit of Rotary and the energy and leadership of Canfield Rotarians.
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We are compiling a list of past Canfield Rotary Club projects. Please take a look at the current draft of projects and send a description of any missing projects to Mike Raulin so that we can create a list of our achievements that is as complete as possible.
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This site will be regularly updated to show the current and future activities of the Canfield High School Interact Club. Click on More... to view the current calendar and club announcements.
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