Speaker Date Topic
Kent Drotar, Director of Public Relations Aug 13, 2020
Wild Animal Sanctuary near Keenesburg

Jan Lovelady will introduce Kent.

Mary Maltby, Chris Larson, Christine Boulet Aug 20, 2020
A Florence Crittendon Story

Lou Anne Epperson will be joined by her nieces to tell a personal story about the Florence Crittendon organization.

Reeves Brown, Project Manager Building a Better CO Aug 27, 2020
2019 Colorado Conversation's Consensus Recommendation Regarding the Gallagher Amendment

Jan Lovelady will introduce Reeves.

DARK Sep 03, 2020
Labor Day Week End
Dr. Gizane Indart, Executive Director Sep 10, 2020
Denver Children's Advocacy Center

Karen Loeb will introduce Dr. Indart.