Arguing Without Anger

Nov 02, 2017
Travis White, Principal Travis White Communication
Arguing Without Anger

Travis White, Ph.D.

Experienced software industry executive and educator with special expertise in strategy, marketing, communications, innovation management, and product planning. Significant experience with companies in transition, including mergers, private-to-public transitions, technology/product transitions, and leadership transitions. Broad international experience, including Sweden, France, Mexico, Ecuador, Japan, and Germany. He has lived for 13 years; living, working and teaching outside the United Sates. His teaching experience is in Spanish & English in multiple countries -- including Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, United States, and Venezuela. He teaches workshops and short courses on innovation and corporate strategy. Travis is a keynote speaker for technology industry and user group events and he is an experienced social media campaigner and blogger.

Travis will be introduced by Pat McGuckin.

Arguing Without Anger

Red people and blue people are at it again. Neither side seems to accept that the other side consists of real people with real ideas that are worth listening to. Debate is out. Contempt is in.

As a result, our nation is highly polarized.  To work our way out of the current stalemate, we need to listen closely and speak wisely. We need to debate effectively rather than arguing angrily. Here are some tips:

  • It’s not about winning, it’s about winning over
  • It’s not about values 
  • Stick to the future tense
  • The best way to disagree is to begin by agreeing
  • Don’t fall for the anger mongers
  • Don’t fall into the hypocrisy trap
  • Beware of demonizing words
  • Show some respect
  • Be skeptical
  • Burst your bubble
  • Give up TV
  • Aim for the persuadable
  • Engage in arguments

Remember that the only thing worse than arguing is not arguing – We know how to argue. Now we need to learn to argue without anger. Our future may depend on it.