Speakers List
Date:  2/27/2024   Club Social meeting
Presenter and title: Hy-Vee location
Organization: club meeting
Presentation Title or Topic: discuss current projects or ideas
Date:  3/5
Presenter and title: Kendall Qualls,  founder of TakeCharge
Presentation Title or Topic:  TakeCharge, uniting Americans regardless of background
Additional information:  At TakeCharge, they promote that the promise of America is available to everyone regardless of race or social standing.
Date:   3/12
Presenter and title:  Lise Spence-Parsons - President and Chuck Skajewski - Vice President
Organization:  Maple Grove Arts Center
Presentation Title or Topic:  The Maple Grove Arts Center - An Introduction
Additional information:  The Maple Grove Arts Center is an organization, established 2008, that promotes the visual arts for local artists and art lovers. We cover the  whole metro area and parts of northern and southern MN. We also have some artists from western Wisconsin. We are a 100% volunteer led and run organization, relying on art sales, donations and grants.
Our mission is: To provide fine art, musical and theatrical exploration and appreciation opportunities.
The arts center’s vision: To become a highly visible, vibrant, financially stable organization, offering quality art, education and art appreciation with extensive community participation, outreach and patron involvement.
Date:  3/19
Presenter and title:  Dr. Mike Schuster, Professor, University of Minnesota
Presentation Title or Topic:  Integrated management of invasive buckthorn
Additional information:  Buckthorn is an aggressive invader of natural areas throughout Minnesota, and buckthorn removal is a common priority for property owners. However, removal efforts are often incomplete and only effective in the short term, often necessitating continued, repeated management at great ecological and economic cost. Starting in 2016, the Cover It Up experiments have evaluated new ways of preventing buckthorn from returning in the years following buckthorn management. We have found how establishing dense cover of native plants can fill the void left by removed buckthorn, stifle returning buckthorn, and suppress other invasive plants. In some cases, this type of restoration planting can completely prevent buckthorn re-establishment. Our ongoing work continues to advance our understanding of which species to plant, how to plant them, which conditions favor their success, and how these methods can be used in conjunction with other management strategies.
Date: March 26, 2024
Club meeting at Hy-Vee social event