Posted on Dec 06, 2018
On December 6th, we honoured Danielle Léveillé at École secondaire Le Caron as our Rotary Student of the Month for November.   It's very clear when you meet Danielle that she is a smiling, positive and inclusive person...

She does her best to ensure others around her feel comfortable, encouraged and included. In addition, this year she is bringing this attitude and perspective to the student council as minister of communication. She takes a leadership role on the council and is working very hard to develop and initiate fun and relevant concepts and activities to the students of the school.
She was a great team member for the soccer team in grade 9 and this year she took an interest in volleyball.  Although aware of the level of skill required in the sport, but with a desire to learn, she took the initiative to approach the coach and ask if she could practice with the team, and be the team manager.  She brings incredible positive energy to practices and she is a very valuable member of the team.
In the community, she volunteered for the OSPCA the past two summers, she was a volunteer for kids skating and fundraiser for figure skating in Coldwater, and is a volunteer for tykes ball hockey. 
Perseverance, resourcefulness, and her ability to be a voice for others will certainly help Danielle to be successful at school, in the community and at work. She is an example, not only for other students but for everyone who could benefit from a more optimistic and hard-working attitude.
Congratulations Danielle for this well-deserved recognition!