President Rob Hann and our Rotary Club Members welcomed Erin Burns and Diane Carroll from My Joyful Heart, a non-profit charity we have donated to since 2005.  Every child enrolled in the My Joyful Heart program is disadvantaged in one way or another: they are from single-parent or grandparent-led households, some are in special education, and many are homeless.  The children are school-aged, generally 4 & up; however, they also provide for many young adults. My Joyful Heart believes all children have the potential to succeed in life and if basic needs are met, children will perform better both academically and socially. 

They assist children by providing basic necessities throughout the year. They receive a wide range of items, both fun and practical. Each child is individually shopped for from their inventory. This helps the child feel special because they receive items in their favorite color or receive something that was on their wish list.