Speaker Date Topic
Lorena Nunez Aug 18, 2022
Greater Family Health Clinic - Franklin Park
New facility - just opened in Franklin Park

From preventive care to chronic disease management, Greater Family Health offers coordinated, patient-centered care.


10225 Grand Avenue, Franklin Park, IL 60131
Lorena Nunez

Community Outreach Coordinator

P 847.608.6006
F 847.841.6739



Chris McCarthy Aug 25, 2022
Earth Paints

Chris - 262-724-6864. earthpaintorg@gmail.com. Locaation: 365 E Irving Park Rd. Wood Dale, IL 60191

At EarthPaint, we recycle your old latex paint into a high-quality, sustainable product that works for any job, inside or outside. We aim to do three things: make a great product people will love, clean up the dirty paint industry and help our community by hiring adults with disabilities.

Founded in 2013 by Chris McCarthy, EarthPaint is a 501c(3) nonprofit based in Wood Dale, Ill. EarthPaint relies on contributions and fees for recycling old paint to fund its operations and employment of adults with disabilities.

A longtime paint professional, Chris saw lots of unwanted – but perfectly good – paint accumulate and go to waste. He wanted to find a way to keep the endless gallons of paint he encountered from entering the landfill, where it can harm the environment by leaking into the ground water.

So he began recycling paint he collected to create a product that’s just as good as the name brands because it’s made from the name brands. Today, EarthPaint has recycled more than 70 million pounds of paint, diverting more than 670 million pounds of carbon from the atmosphere. With upwards of 1 billion tons of paint gathering dust or at risk of going to landfills, paint recycling operations like EarthPaint serve a vital purpose in the industry.

Not only do we keep old paint out of landfills, our product vastly reduces the carbon emissions of new paint. Every gallon of EarthPaint’s sustainable product saves 100kw hours of energy (vs. manufacturing new paint), or about 115 pounds of carbon. Annually, we save the paint industry from emitting 11.5 million pounds of carbon. Additionally, we use captured rainwater to provide the 13 gallons of water each gallon of paint requires.


District Governor Ade Onayemi Sep 01, 2022
Board Meeting 11:00 AM

Our District Governor will give us an update on our Rotary District

Brett Weiss Sep 08, 2022
Update on the Weiss Scholarship Foundation

Brett Weiss last spoke to our club over 3 years ago about his organization.  He is returning to give us an update.

As a member of The Rotary Club of Naperville, I know Rotarians all over the world respect and honor the phrase, “Service Above Self”.   In my work in Kenya I have many times been touring a facility and run across the Rotary logo representing a great Rotary project that helped the community.

The Weiss Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships to very poor Kenyan Children.  Since 2012 we have awarded 54 full four year high school scholarships in a village where few had ever gone to high school.  Five of our students are now in University and we just made our first placement of a student in a vocational school with many more to come.  I have been to Kenya six times myself.  We are providing real HOPE in a community that really had no hope before our foundation.



Asante Sana!

Brett Weiss - Founder and Director           Warren "Bunny" Weiss

Weiss Scholarship Foundation                  Board Member

Email: brett@weissscholarshipfoundation.org

Mobile: 1-630-248-5405


Web:  www.weissscholarshipfoundation.org

Eldon Tracy Sep 15, 2022
Feeding Children Worldwide Food Packing


Eldon. ‭(630) 639-1408‬

Today is our annual food packing event


Tracy Rogers Sep 22, 2022
Local Girl Scout Troops

Tracy Rogers will speak about their Girl Scout troops.  Their  troop numbers are 44458 (Daisy’s and Brownies K-3rd grade) 44240 (Juniors grades 4-5) and 40600 (mixed level troop grades 6- senior in hs) . We will be meeting again after Labor Day at St Gertrudes in Franklin Park 44458 meets Wednesdays from 5-6, 44240 & 40600 meet on Wednesdays from 6-7.  Tracy and  Fran are leaders for all the troops. 


Tracy Rogers Cell.  708-698-1051



Sebastian Colmenares Sep 29, 2022
Exchange Student Experience

Greetings fellow rotarians of the O hare club Let me introduce myself 


I’m Sebastián Colmenares a Rotarian from the 4380 district in Venezuela I’m currently around the area and I would love to visit you guys 


And tell you about my wonderful experience as an exchange student in this great country 


sebascolmenaresm@gmail.com.  cell:   (312) 856-6570



Felix Matlock Nov 03, 2022
Update on Mercy Housing.


Cell:   630-667-9098

Member Felix Matlock will give us an update on Mercy Housing.