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Ed Spire Oct 05, 2023
What’s an Assault Weapon, and why are they so deadly?

Ed Sphire is returning with a new presentation on assault weapons..

There's been a lot of discussion lately about tighter regulations on assault weapons like the AR-15. If we are going to regulate these weapons, we will need a legal definition describing them. And instead of a definition that depends upon specific configurations or cosmetic appearance, we propose a definition based on the factors that make this class of weapons so deadly. Ed Sphire is returning to present a new topic.



Lindsy Wadas Oct 19, 2023
Update on USO at O'Hare

Lindsy will give us an update on USO at O'Hare

Lindsy Wadas
Center Manager - O'Hare Airport 




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Maria Hayley Oct 26, 2023
The FREADOM Road Foundation and Why is it Spelled That Way

Maria Hayley.  (773) 726-9067


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  • To break the cycle of intergenerational incarceration
  • Our Vision
  • To change the futures of children of the incarcerated, save lives and make a difference