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Our Rotary Club Chartered January 8, 1973

We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
The Great Escape 847-671-7171
9540 Irving Park Road
Schiller Park, IL  60176
United States
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Rona Roffey has been Camp Director of the YMCA Camp Duncan for over 25 years.  Every year she gives us an update on the Camp's attendees which includes those afflicted with Tourette Syndrome, burn survivors, diabetes and mainstream campers.  Almost 200 residents and Day Campers received scholarship assistance.  Our club gladly gives the Camp a donation yearly.

Talk about luck. Last year at the same meeting before Christmas, Felix picked the ace of spades and we wrote him a check for over one thousand dollars.  Today at Rotary, one year later, he picks the Ace of Spades again to win over double what he won last year.  Pot was at least $4200 so 1/2 will go to him and the other half our club.  There is talk of barring him next year for this meeting  - ONLY KIDDING FELIX (or are we?).
At our annual Holiday Party, our President named Pat Ranttila Rotarian of the Year for her non-ending contributions to our local charities, Rotary functions, working with My Joyful Heart and the Grandmothers in Roseland project.  Pat has endless energy and this is a tribute to her service.

Anna Waksmundzka is a student at Loyola University doing her internship with CIP (Council of International Programs).  The Executive Director,  Dr George Palamattam joined Anna in presenting a program outlining their organization. CIP is a nonprofit organization that promotes international understanding through cross-cultural exchange and work-based training in the US.​ 

Since 1973, the International Crane Foundation (ICF) has been protecting the 15 crane species and their habitats on 5 continents. ICF works in 45 countries, including Russia, China, and until recently North Korea (Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea-DPRK).  Hall Healy discussed the North Korean work and how this kind of activity can help enhance dialogue between countries, and what its like to work in that elusive place.

JERRY GOLDMAN is Emeritus Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University

His talk examined the similarities and differences in the paths that led O’Connor and Ginsburg to the nation’s highest court. O’Connor — the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court — and Ginsburg — the second woman so appointed — shared experiences and crossed paths but each has left a different impact on the law.





Our Rotary Club participated in the 2017 Career Fair and Business Expo at East Leyden High School. Frank Holthouse, Larry Fritz, Pat Ranttila, Melissa Bukovatz, Glenn Spachman, Michael Sullivan, Rollo Dace and President Cruz Bernal-Albano represented our club.

Operation Support Our Troops - America
Their mission is to support the morale and well-being of American forces by providing comfort, resources and education to them and their families both while they are deployed in harm’s way and after their return. Engaged in the longest war of our country’s history and with our servicemen and women completing multiple tours of duty, this organization is committed to showing them that "We Have NOT Forgotten."
Our member Ed Jacob got the ball rolling and collected enough money from our members to donate 78  warm winter coats to My Joyful Heart that were delivered by our members Jack and Pat Ranttila.  Executive Director Diane Carroll of My Joyful Heart shows her appreciation.


Rotarian Larry Fritz delivers Dictionary's  for the Third grade students of Pietrini Elementary School to school Principal Mrs. Lois Fronczke.


Thank you members for supporting the “Make a Difference Day” for the Leyden High Schools on last Saturday at East Leyden. Our donations to Leyden were the materials from our Airline Surplus Project from which Interact students packed 1000 Amenity Kits for the homeless veterans to pick up at the Hines VA Hospital Veteran StandDown in Humboldt Park in November. Rotarians Frank Holthouse,Mike Sullivan, Jack Ranttila, Larry Fritz and our Rotary friend Karen Wierer had the opportunity to work with both Interact Clubs and with Eldon Tracy with “Feeding Children WorldWide.” Thank you for making a difference!!


The United Service Organization (U.S.O.) offers a variety of services to active military personnel and their dependents, including free refreshments, information and referrals at O'Hare International Airport. The 24-hour center provides men, women and families of the Armed Forces with a place to relax, enjoy a meal, check email and phone home before being deployed or just after traveling from overseas. The USO at O'Hare has proudly provided programs, services, care and comfort to troops and their families since 1969.  Director Lindsys Wadas gave us an update on the services and O'Hare and is looking for volunteers.

Twice a year our Rotary Members do a food packing for Feeding Children Worldwide.  Today, we packed 11 boxes which includes 2,376 meals.  The recipients are street children in the Philippines.  Thanks Eldon Tracy for furnishing the supplies for this worthwhile cause.
Many of our Rotary Members were at the Schiller Park Auto Show working a booth introducing visitors to Rotary and collecting $1 to eradicate polio worldwide.  For every dollar we collect, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation contributes $2.  Thanks to Larry, Cruz, and Frank for popping the popcorn and handing the popcorn bags to those who contributed $1.  Barb, Jack, and Glenn were part of our Rotary team.
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Jun 14, 2018
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