Post-Secondary Bursary  



Number and value of bursaries awarded will depend upon funds available. Recipients will be selected at random from among applicants. 
Only one bursary will be awarded to an individual.


             Completed applications must be received by August 13, including arrangements to have copies of post-secondary transcripts sent to the



               Rotary Club of Parry Sound  

               Box 244 

               Parry Sound, ON   P2A 2X4 


              Successful applicants MUST attend a personal interview with the Rotary Bursary Committee before the end of August in Parry Sound.


              Bursaries will be paid directly to post-secondary institutions in September, once proof of registration in applicable year’s program is received.  A bursary is in effect a gift – not a loan – and in this case, the bursary is awarded independently of other awards, scholarships, or loan. 



      A graduate of Parry Sound High School, entering a full-time post-secondary program as follows:



       Entering the final year of a multi-year Canadian community college program;




       Entering the final year of an under-graduate degree at an accredited Canadian university;




       Entering any year of a post-graduate degree at an accredited Canadian university.


       May receive  the bursary if attending an accredited university out of Canada when the program they are looking for is not offered in Canada and must be planning to return to live and work in Canada.  The applicant must not be a recipient of a scholarship from the university they will or are attending.


       The recipient must be a graduate of Parry Sound High School, home schooled in Parry Sound or Ste. Bernadette Catholic High School and have spent the bulk of their elementary education in Parry Sound District
The applicant must write a letter with the application to spell out their future job plans as well as their volunteer activities and demonstrate a knowledge and purpose of Rotary activities.