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2023-11-20 Check #1
Stender, John
2023-11-20 Check #2
Tracey, Jerome
2023-11-27 Check in #1
Wilson, Steven
2023-11-27 Check in #2
Wolf, James
2023-12-04 check in #1
Wright, Steven
2023-12-04 check in #2
Barrigar, Bob
2023-12-11 Check in #1
Beauvais, Adam
2023-12-11 Check in #2
Burton, Ann
2023-12-18 Check In #1
Coombs, Bob
2023-12-18 Check In #2
Black, Edward
2023-12-25 NO MEETING
2024-01-01 NO MEETING
2024-01-08 Check in # 1
Cosbitt, Mary
2024-01-08 Check in # 2
Diamond, Ann
2024-01-15 Check in #1
Diethelm, Judy
2024-01-15 Check in #2
Dubie, Angie
2024-01-29 Check in # 1
Duthler, Matt
2024-01-29 Check in #2
Eagle, Brad
2024-02-05 Check in # 1
Ferguson, Eric
2024-02-05 Check in #2
Galarza, John
2024-02-12 Check in #1
Genschaw, Steve
2024-02-12 Check in #2
Gluesing, Justin
2024-02-19 Check in #1
Gohl, Shellie
2024-02-19 Check in #2
Green, Danielle
2023-11-23 Invocation
Gohl, Shellie
2023-11-20 Invocation
Green, Danielle
2023-11-27 Invocation
Haaxma, Margie
2023-12-04 Invocation
Hannah, Mary Catherine
2023-12-11 Invocation
Heraghty, Patrick
2023-12-18 Invocation
Herman, Brenda
2023-12-25 NO MEETING
2024-01-01 NO MEETING
2024-01-08 Invocation
Hildebrand, Georgene
2024-01-15 Invocation
Hinkley, Justin
2024-01-22 Invocation
Wolf, James
2024-01-29 Invocation
Kelly, Mike
2024-02-05 Invocation
Kibbe, Daniel
2024-02-12 Invocation
Krafft, Robert
2024-02-19 Invocation
Krawczak, Jackie
2024-02-26 Invocation
Lafleche-Gallagher, Joanne
Program Chair and Classification Talk
2023-11-20 Program Chair
Wilson, Steven
2023-11-27 Program Chair
Wright, Steven
2023-12-04 Program Chair
Stacey, Bob
2023-12-11 Christmas Party
Dunckel, Mary
2023-12-18 Program Chair
Parr, Stacey
2023-12-25 NO MEETING
2024-01-01 NO MEETING
2024-01-08 Classification Talk/Program
Diethelm, Judy
2024-01-15 Program/Class Talk
Kelly, Mike
2024-01-22 Program/Class Talk
Hinkley, Justin
2024-01-29 Program/Class Talk
Herman, Brenda
2024-02-05 Program/Class Talk
Dunckel, Mary
2024-02-12 Program/Class Talk
Dubie, Angie
2024-02-19 Program/Class Talk
Muszynski, Cynthia
2024-02-26 Brew on the Bay Prep
Black, Edward
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Welcome to our Club!

Service Above Self

We meet In Person
Mondays at 12:00 PM
The Aplex
PO Box 58
Alpena, MI 49707
United States of America
Home Page Stories
In the center of Alpena, along the bipath running adjacent to River street, tand across the river from the NOAA Sanctuary, Rotary Island can easily be accessed from downtown.  It's a beautiful oasis of incredible blooms!  Don't miss this gem!  Photo credits: Mike Kelly and Joanne Gallagher
Rotarians and guests gathered at Arzo Entertainment Park to say thanks (and roast!) to President Stacey for her service during 2022-2023, and welcome incoming President Ed to his year beginning July 1.
Much fun was had before dinner enjoying the many games and amenities at this gem of a park just north of Alpena.  Joanne Gallagher was named Rotarian of the Year.
Our island gazebo has the phrase “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in several different languages.  Recently, Rotarian Danielle Green caught some peace on the island between a cat and a turtle. Beautiful shot of nature at its best!
Rotary Island work bee and beautiful new landscaping.
Our club gathered with current and former members to celebrate 100 years of service to the Alpena area.  We were treated to the beautiful space at Art in the Loft, fantastic food and ice sculptures by Jon Benson, music courtesy of Kat Tomaszewksi, delicious desserts from Annette Carlson, Refreshments by Party On LLC and beautiful floral centerpieces by Classic Designs.  We were pleased to honor long term member Ralph Diethelm with an Honorary membership in the club, and enjoyed the Emcee skills of Mike Kelly.  Many thanks to the committee members: John Benson, Ann Burton, Mary Cosbitt, Ann Diamond, Mary Dunckel, Jackie Nicoll and Wendy Servia.
Our Rotary auction is online NOW through May 19 at 8 pm.  Join us for a fun live closing-of-the-auction event on May 19 at Mangos downtown  - no tickets required.  We are raising funds for an EXPANSION OF THE SPLASH PARK, so bid often and a lot!!
Due to the cancellation of our in-person auction, we have rescheduled a new online auction to be held May 19, 2022.  Stay tuned for more information!
We created two trees for the season of light at the Jesse Besser Museum.  This information is from the Besser Museum Facebook post.  Proud to be a Rotarian!
On Saturday, November 20, a group of Rotarians added Christmas to the Island by decorating our gazebo and other island features.  It's simply stunning!  Make sure and stop by the Island after dark to check out their fine work!
Rotarian Mike Kelly caught these beautiful shots of Rotary Island at night.  Keep checking to see what we have in store for the holidays!
In August, we had a great turnout for planting new landscaping on the Island.  The 100th anniversary island improvements will continue through next year.  Keep watching for more photos!
We had a great turnout for our annual meeting that gave a huge "thanks" to outgoing president Wendy and a great big "welcome" to incoming president Joanne.  We were pleased to recognize Chuck Sherwin as our Rotarian of the Year, and further recognize Danielle Green as our Rotarian of the Year for 2020-2021 since Covid kind of stole her thunder!
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