Jamie Tripp said the Award was introduced by Fred Hacker to honour those who represent the ideals of Rotary through their vocation.  
Maureen was pleased to present this year's award to Nancy Spiker.  Nancy and her husband Bill opened Passion for Fashion in 1991 to offer a selection of fashionable clothes at reasonable prices.  They moved here from the West with their daughter and their son who has heart disease and autism.  They found a supportive community and have returned the favour by sponsoring a fashion show to benefit a variety of charities.  For 12 years it was the GBGH, another 6 supported the Wye Marsh and in 2011 they raised $9,000.00 for Community Living and their camps and their support of employment program.  CLH residents have participated and they develop a lot of confidence and ties with the community. 
There have also been special events, the next will be on Nov. 12 at the MCC, in support of Big Brothers, Big Sisters, GBGH Foundation, job creation at CLH, the Y and the Hero Centre and their efforts to get work for people with exceptionalities.
Nancy offered her thanks for the honour, saying that so many others contribute to the efforts including her husband, Bill and members of their family, the staff at the store and partners from the business community and the many volunteers.  It's great to live in a place that cares and she thanked the Club for it commitment to a better world.