Joyce says Reid is a Chemical Engineer and has a MEd and taught and administered schools in Orillia.  He became a Rotarian in 1990, was DG in 2000-01 and has been Foundation Co-ordinator for Easter Canada, served on the Pres. Rep Board, been a Foundation member and chair, a PH Society Co-ordinator, has won lots of awards, done other stuff and has 1 son and 3 grandchildren.
Reid says the Foundation is his charity of choice and he's been involved and supporting it all along.  It creates hope and understanding and gives others a chance.  He's been part of efforts in the DR, India and here and he encourages us all to take part.  Many think all the money goes out of the Country but that's not the case, a lot of projects get done here at home.  But the Foundation is not a first responder, as the Red Cross is, for instance.  The Foundation comes afterwards and helps to rebuild and to provide humanitarian relief.  It also is not for bricks and mortar.  It does things like bicycles to Cambodia, books, toys and clothing to a Cebu program the keep kids in school, water in Bali, education in Guatemala and dental care in the DR.  It works with other charities like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wheelchair Foundation to increase effectiveness.
The Foundation has 6 areas of focus - peace, disease, education, clean water, maternal health and local improvement.
Reid is pleased to be able to report that Nigeria is now 1 year clear of polio, which is huge as Nigeria used to be the gateway to central Africa for the disease.  It will be another year before it can be declared free but polio is only one plane flight away so the vaccinations must continue.
The Canadian government is promising $2 for each one raised over the next 4 years up to 12 million and then another 6 over 5 years to promote maternal health and increase local economic growth so the work can go on.
The Canadian branch of the Foundation used to just issue receipts but with this grant it is taking on distribution of funds which is a big step forward and a lot of work.  Reid mentioned an experience helping vaccinate children in India when a fellow volunteer commented 'that one will walk' - make the world a better place one individual at a time.
Most of the funding for the Foundation comes from donations and the PH Society recognizes those who donate $1,000.00 a year so Reid presented pins to Terry, Arnie and Yvonne in recognition and introduced Fred Hacker and Jamie Tripp as members too.