Posted by James N Tripp on Jan 16, 2019
We are pleased to welcome Kim from the Midland Public Library who has taken up the reins of Ancestry and & Genealogy from Bonnie Reynolds our long time Library Historian and Keeper of the Kids. The area of genealogy has grown continually in popularity as people put more value in oral and written histories and as more and more databases around the world come on-line. The Library has an extensive set of resources to help you do research in many areas of family and local history. These resources include family heritage databases, find a grave databases, as well as providing research recording forms to ensure you capture all of the information and can keep it organised. The library also has an extensive and Free to the Public Library Version of the databases. These are larger than than the membership ones that can be purchased and includes extensive WWI records of metals and movement of troops. Please check out the Library's clubs, services and programs to enjoy all it has to offer, including its MakersSpace and Achive Rooms. Amanda Woodman graciously thanked Kim.