Ralph said he'd also forgotten that he'd sponsored Mora - it was a long time ago - but it was rewarding to see how engaged she was in the Club and the community and he encouraged all of us to work to bring in new members.
Mora thought maybe she should apologize for the delay but figured more that Britt should get a life - 2,232 days, indeed.
Mora's parents were Mary and Ian Chisholm.  Mary was one of 9 children of Dutch immigrants who'd settled in Sydney Mines and Ian was a conductor for the CN.  Mora was the youngest of 5, born on March 4 1965 in the Junction area of Toronto.  She points out that there is no I in Mora - it comes down through Aunts from Morag.  Her connection with the Midland area began in 1968 when the family - all 7 - moved to an 800 sq. ft. un insulated cottage on Woodland Beach heated by a wood stove.  With her dad away on the trains her mom, who didn't drive, had a hard time but they survived.  In 1970 they moved back to Toronto but her sister had met her future husband while attending Elmvale HS and she took up residence on Bluewater.  Now 4 of the 5 live in the area.
Over the years her older siblings moved out, her dad and mom split up and her mother held it all together, a strong women who passed away in 2010 and is still missed.  She went to Weston Collegiate and then Humber College for Broadcasting because she loved music and graduated in 1987.  Someone told her hiring on at a big station would only lead to her fetching coffee - she should go to a smaller one where she'd end up doing a bit of everything so she took an internship at CKMP despite the fact it's offices were decorated with shag carpeting on the walls, then hired on part time, then took over a maternity leave scheduling ads which paid $8,000.00.  She realized the people selling the ads were doing better and moved into that.
She had met Don Mossom Austin at High School and when he realized she was settling in he followed her up here and they've been together for 25 years.  In 200 they adopted Jacob who has changed their lives and in 2005 they got Toby, a yellow lab.
They had always been boaters but when a chance to buy a property in the Cognashene area appeared they jumped.  It had two cottages on it so another couple joined and they still share - one cottage is closer to the water so they alternate each year.  The other couple have three boys who have become brothers to Jacob.
What was now KICX was sold to Larche in 1997 and it increased its range.  She became the GM in 2000, they bought the Orillia station in 2007 and moved the KICX brand to it and started the Dock in 2008.  They know have licenses in Sudbury and Owen Sound.  She became VP in 2010.  The company is moving into providing digital media services to small business and that business is growing.
The company is community oriented.  Radio for Radiology has raised $500,000.00.  The GBGH buy a bed program has raised $25,000.00 plus another 20 from the Golf Tournament.  Annually they run a feeding families effort on behalf of the Salvation Army and they give away over $500,000.00 worth of in kind air time etc to charities and non profits.
It's all a lot of work but it's fun too - trips to Nashville, benefit concerts, meeting musicians.  Mora loves music of all kinds as well as fishing, her girlfriends, boating and travel, red wine, the tambourine, the Minnesota Vikings and boots.
She's a member of the Ontario Association of Broadcasters Board, the Radio Humber Advisory Board and the Membership Chair of Midland Rotary.  She has been the Club Service Chair for two years and the Community Service Chair for another two and the Marketing Chair for POD for 6 years.  Going on the HHART trip was a milestone for her and her advice is to get involved.
Membership had been going up but the Club has seen some resignations so she's encouraging people to cast their nets - there are people out there just waiting to be asked.