Dave Mink said we are all concerned about the economic viability of the area and have noted business closings like CCL, Atlas Block, General Mills.  We all have our reasons for living here but a strong economic base is vital.  Sharon Vegh is the Director of the Economic Development Corporation of North Simcoe.  She's served on several Boards, spent 12 years as a Trade Commissioner, 5 years at York U and, to top it off, has an MLIS.
Sharon spoke to the Power of 4 which refers both to the 4 communities that are working together and to the 4 sectors of the economy the Corp is focusing on, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Health Care and Tourism.  The Corp is only a year or so old so it is still establishing what it is and what it does but they have an updated business plan and vision statement, they are working on their focus and their branding, they are developing a web presence, have sponsored the first annual Prosperity Summit, worked on getting TV exposure, promote the Heart of Georgian Bay logo.
She works on Business Retention as well as new jobs - about two thirds of the time she is supporting existing companies, working with Bruce Stanton and the Minister in Ottawa.  She visits plants and encourages collaboration.  The Corporation supports investment in the Municipalities, promotes the use of agricultural fibres, develops an investment pipeline and a business data base.  She is the only employee of the Corp but there are 50,000 workers in Economic Development.
Agriculture in North Simcoe takes up 23,000 acres between 2,2300 farms and they enjoy an average income of $134,000.00.  
Georgian College is holding its food entrepreneur day on Oct. 28 at the College.
In Manufacturing the focus is on auto support, assisting with exports, developing networks and having a presence at Manufacturer's shows.
Health Care includes Chigamik, the three long term residences and GBGH which needs to be supported to maintain stability.
Tourism offers Wye Marsh, Discovery Harbour, the whole Bay, there's so much that tourists come and stay.
The Corp is working to make the area business friendly and investment ready and customer centric.  They are trying to reduce red tape, set uniform standards, develop a land inventory and formulate business prospects.  The second Prosperity Summit will be June 16 next year, Celebrating and Accelerating growth in NS.  Collaboration is a big part of its success and she welcomes questions or suggestions.