Alison says Christine is a fireball, she has a broad range of marketing experience and is doing well, she has a great family and she, Alison, is happy that Christine joined and is happy to introduce her.
Christine was born in Midland in 1969 as Carrie Christine but the first name never took.  She's the youngest of three and so, while her parents had relaxed a bit, she suffered some at the hands of her older siblings.  Her parents separated soon after and they lived with her grandmother for a time but her mother remarried, to a man who had three children but it all blended well and they were a new family.  She remembers road trips in a crowded car.
She went to Humber to take the Travel Agent course and enjoyed that and the job she got at Yonge and Eglington which location offered a fun but expensive life so when she got the chance she moved back to Midland and the Bay to work at Marlin Travel.  She got to travel and to help people plan their trips but eventually went in a new direction and joined NEBS in marketing.  From there she moved to the GBGH Foundation in a part time position which was good because she had more time for her kids.  It was a great experience, though, planning the galas, the sales, the campaigns, especially the one that culminated in the new Emergency Department.  So many do so much to make the Hospital great.  Recently she moved to take on the Foundation at RVH.  She feels that a facility that offers region wide care is important because it makes the lives of the patients easier - saving them time, travel and hotel costs.  36 million was raised towards the cost and, of course, more is needed.  She is now working on cardiac care facilities, a women's health centre and other projects.
Courtney and Mia are the most important part of her life.  An active teen and an energetic 9 year old provide an inspiration to her - keep her going and growing.  She feels blessed by family, friends, career opportunities and volunteer challenges.  Midland provides lasting friendships, sports opportunities and, most recently, the life changing opportunity to join Rotary and make new friends and meet new challenges.