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Former "beloved member" Bill Molesworth introduced Katrina Kreivins of the GBBR (see title).
Katrina spoke extensively and knowledgeably about the logistics and parameters of what the Reserve includes in terms of scope of analysis and the physical area. The main thrust of the presentation is that we are loosing bio-diversity and overall  water populations due to an overall reduction in phosphates in off-shore waters affecting the lower parts of the food web and thus the upper parts too. Overall since 2003 there has been a 98% disappearance of zoo-plankton and other micro nutrients that support them. This affects the next level up, that being the prey fish and thus the predator fish (sport and food source fish). 
Please check out GBBR.ca and stateofthebay.ca and you will be surprised and engaged.
John Playfair of GBDSS welcomed us to the new high school and took care of the house keeping issues before our physical tour began. First order of business was to introduce "Copper" 1 of 5 therapy dogs that roam the school. The dogs provide anxiety relief for students who find themselves overwhelmed during the hectic school day. 
We were then split into 3 groups and lead around the entire school. It was incredible to find the diversity of programs available as well as the obvious pride that the students have in the school. Several areas are dedicated to aboriginal studies as well as providing outlets for individual expression. The cafeteria is a school run program that teaches and provides the students food needs. Another incredible component was the openness and available sunlight as well as the bentwood internal rafter structure. The only thing missing was the Google Pod Lounge for resting between classes, but give it time. All in all it was a great opportunity to see inside modern secondary education since it's been more than a couple of years for most of us. 
The Club was honoured to be joined by Caroline Laidlaw the director of Huronia Pregnancy Resource Centre. The centre first opened in 1994 and services the area empowering young women in pregnancy education and support. This is a pro-women and pro-life organization that doesn't discriminate in terms of who it supports. Many young ladies are simply in need of guidance and a mother or grandmother figure while other lost and forgotten and need to be coached back to confidence and motherhood responsibilities. 
The Centre acts a a liason between young moms and adoption agencies where needed. The service area is basically the 4 municipalities and Elmvale. As yet they are not a housing facility but would love to be able to offer that in the future. The centre relies on private donations as they are NGO and do not qualify for most grant opportunities. They are training new volunteers to help provide more and better parenting training and other services.
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