Up-with-People. (UWP) was founded in 1965 for young adults 18 - 29 on the principle of using music as a means to communicate with and inspire people.  In each city the cast visits, participants perform in a vibrant and moving musical stage show that brings the community together, highlighting local partnering organizations and sparking people to action in meeting the needs of their communities, countries and the world

.  Travelling, living and learning with young people from more than 20 countries, participants learn how to work cooperatively while exploring the similarities and differences of people from other nations and cultures.

            During the Up with People program, participants travel in international casts of 100+ people to cities on a multi- continent tour, experiencing the cultural sights, sounds, and tastes of each community.  As students of the world, participants discover what make each region unique, gaining a better understanding of its politics, history, culture, geography, environmental issues, religions and economics.

            The Up with People program also provides the opportunity for participants to live with and learn from host families in the communities they visit, gaining a sense of what day - to - day life is like in their corner of the world while sharing lifestyles and experiences.

            UWP will be performing in Bermuda with Preview shows on Saturday June 20th at St Davids Native Festival and Wednesday June 24th at Harbour Nights Hamilton with a free Full Performance on Saturday June 27th 8pm at SnorkelPark.  For more Information or to Host cast members contact Laura Lynn Horst 777-476 or Phil Worcester 777-4757 pworcester@upwithpeople.org