Tory Darrell Assistant Co-ordinator for The Mirrors Programme. 


" Mirrors is transforming lives and has the opportunity to change the community one youth at a time".


 In 2007 the Ministry of Social Rehabilitationlaunched a new intervention programme for youth - the Mirrors Programme of Bermuda.  The target population for the initial programme was young people, between the ages of 15 to 18, who are at risk or on the verge of falling through the cracks.  The idea was to provide a new intervention for these young adults that were generally already known to the helping professions, employment services, or the criminal justice system. 

            We partnered with Uncommon Results Inc. that has a very unique methodology which has evolved over many years, in many diverse communities, and has been proven effective for making a difference with even the most disenfranchised, alienated, and troubled members of a community.  Their approach is ontological, not psychological, not sociological, or not even therapeutic.   Therefore it is about how people relate to themselves, and other people; how they interpret reality; how their interpretations create their reality and shape their actions and inactions.  Our program is not concepted in knowledge, information or advice.

            We work with groups of 35 young adults for 6 days in a residential setting producing extraordinary results.  We accomplish in six days, what other programs, using psychological methods would take months or years to produce.  The programme we deliver in partnership with Uncommon Results is sustaining, effective, impactful, and cost efficient. Dramatic change takes place within the six day residential intensive for young adults; observable changes in behaviour, attitude and actions are quite noticeable.  One can look at the welcome home ceremony and see the changes in posture and attitudes as the young adults begin to stand in choice and responsibility.

             In 2007 36 young adults entered the programme and 33 completed representing a 92% completion rate of those that entered the residential phase.  Of the 33, all are participating in the 9 months of follow through where they are partnered with a volunteer who is trained as a life coach to support the young adults to accomplish their goals.  They commit to 3 contacts per week, one in person and the other two are through email, text or telephone. 

            Mirrors is gearing up for the new target age group of 18 - 21 year olds in November of this year.  We are looking for grass roots individuals to work with us to engage this target age population.  It is new terrain for us, but one that we will embrace, as we believe in endless possibilities and opportunities.  Given the population we serve we have had remarkable results thus far and we will continue to pursue opportunities for our young adults.    In looking forward, Mirrors is preparing to work with the prison population and to expand our work in the schools. As I leave today, I ask that you carry the message of supporting our young adults through volunteering and supporting the Mirrors programme.  And I leave you with the quote for cohort 2, (the residential just completed in June) by Tarthang Tulku


"Our human awareness is so powerful that even if we tap only a small part of it we can accomplish more than ever dreamt possible.  Using our complete potential we can soar to the height where our accomplishments have a great and lasting value for both ourselves and future generations."


The thanks of the club were given in his own inimitable way by PP Owen Darrell who also could not miss out on the opportunity to give us a History Lesson!  Explaining that the name Darrell that he and the speaker shared, came from back in 1066 when the Saxons were invading "everywhere" and the name was then D'Arrell.  However, as they had so much to carry across the channel they dropped the 'and it became Darrell.  (Umm!)