We in Bermuda have experienced a "disconnect". And no where is it clearer than in the way that we disdainfully treat our environment.


Already this year over two thousand pounds of items listed as other were removed from the trees, bushes and oceans on our island. Other includes bicycles, motorbikes, refrigerators, stoves air conditioners, television sets, computer components and the list goes on.  In one of the more pathetic cases a bedspring and mattress were removed from a picturesque site, on a well travelled tranquil lane that is less than 500 meters from the Tynes bay plant!   Sadly no less than two weeks after this site was cleaned.

            What happened?  This topic has been extensively discussed and somewhere in our stride toward economic escalation it seems our pride took a dive into realistic stagnation. T here are many theories, all of which, as theories often do, fail to answer all of the questions. But I do have a favourite. We got careless.

            As we developed and specialized and compartmentalized it became one persons privilege to drop trash and another persons JOB to pick it up. Our sense of pride was reduced to a commodity.  There are those amongst us who determined to commit environmental suicide. But like terrorist bombers they are taking casualties with them .  They have decided that it is better to put bottles in the bushes than to let birds nest. They have decided that it is better to turn open spaces into dump sites than to allow the reign of natural beauty to preside.  And this occurs despite an arsenal of legislation which sits impotent with the lack of the will of enforcement.  

            Our children walk around with shirt tails out and clothes falling off of them, our school grounds are filthy with litter that our own children drop, they kick the trash rather than pick it up... and too few of us are saying... look smart, tuck your shirt in pick that up.. KEEP BERMUDA BEAUTIFUL. Indeed it seems that Kugel's edict of absurdity has extended beyond a day of foolery and the joke is on us. We are burying ourselves in our own litter and many of us do not seem to care.

            Once a month KEEP BERMUDA BEAUTIFUL conducts a clean up. We are seldom at a site for more than four hours on a Saturday morning.  Is that too much time to show that you care?  We provide everything we just need your hands.

             On the weekend of May 17 KEEP BERMUDA BEAUTIFUL will conduct its annual spring clean up. We are looking for more silent heroes? Contact us at KBB and find out how you can reconnect.

            Let's not fool around anymore with our environment.  It is time now to realize that it is just as important to ask how you can serve KEEP BERMUDA BEAUTIFUL as it is to know that KEEP BERMUDA BEAUTIFUL stands ready to serve you