The Centres work continues to focus on the four pillars of our mission statement:  Advancing knowledge, skills and performance; fostering effective partnerships; creating a unifying voice for the Third Sector; and supporting and increasing volunteerism.


Benjamin Franklin said that time is the stuff that life is made of, and yet, a volunteer 'gives' this time freely, often with no fanfare or recognition.   Volunteers have the same amount of time as everyone else, and yet, they choose to give some of this precious commodity away.

Did you know that many people who don't volunteer believe that those who do have some special circumstance that allows them to do so, for example that they don't work - that perhaps they are the non-working spouses of guest workers.   But our research shows that 44% of the community volunteers and that a Bermudian is just as likely to volunteer as a Non-Bermudian.  The volunteers who will be recognised at our December 5 event do not have a set of magical, perfect circumstances that allow them to give their time.  They have jobs, and families, and many responsibilities.  The reason they are able to volunteer is that, quite simply, they care enough to do so. They care about our community.  They realise that they have something to share, and so they do. As the saying goes, "Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer."

And what is the impact of the volunteer' gift of time? 

Close to 3 million hours a year are donated to Bermuda's economy by volunteers, the equivalent of $68 million or approx. 2% of our GDP.   Here in Bermuda, over 400 nonprofits depend on volunteers to give of their passion, time, and energy.

Last December 5th, our members came together to recognise over 40 volunteers.  This year we will celebrate the gift of time of over 65 volunteers - The Centre on Philanthropy challenges Rotary and other local service clubs to reach out and get community members involved - get all your members signed up and using the Bermuda Volunteer Centre - get involved in 2008 and help us continue to grow the number of those volunteering and recognised on December 5, 2008 - Bermuda's second celebration of National Volunteer Day.