Our Vision is to provide superior youth development to large numbers of Bermudian youth using a ship as a unique, dynamic '24/7' operating community and classroom

Our approach is based on proven world-class Expeditionary Learning methods. We take young Bermudians out of their familiar environments by bringing them aboard ship where they will have to work together to meet specific and very tangible goals. Success in meeting these goals fosters an improved sense of self-worth, and illustrates, through self-discovery, the importance of leadership and teamwork.

Life aboard ship provides the perfect environment for the learning of new personal, social and technical skills.

Our programme is: reflective of Bermuda's make-up by race, gender and private/public school attendance, integrated with formal education and community youth programmes, financially self-reliant and fully endowed.

Our programme:   provides a strong sense of identity for young Bermudians. Our training ship, Spirit of Bermuda, is a uniquely Bermudian design that is fast and elegant. She is a source of pride for all our student crew who serve as Bermudian ambassadors in overseas ports.

Our Progress:   After just over two years of operation, (since beginning in September 2006), Spirit has provided training for over 700 young people and sailed over 12,000 miles in 10 ten overseas voyages to 12 twelve ports in 4 four countries (Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, USA, Canada). In 2009, Spirit will visit 4 four countries (Azores, Spain, USA, Canada) as part of the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge (Bermuda's 400th anniversary).

According to students, parents and teachers, Spirit's programmes are exceeding all expectations.

Spirit received two prestigious international awards in 2007-200/8:

Sail Training Program of the Year (2007) from the American Sail Training Association

Sail Trainer of the Year (2007/8) from Sail Training International

In September 2008 Spirit won Canada's Round Prince Edward Island Race which was run under the auspices of the American Sail Training Association. She was first across the line and first overall on corrected time ahead of such renowned vessels as the Pride of Baltimore and the schooner Virginia.  Spirit is fast becoming a national institution around which all Bermudians can rally and be proud.          

Personal Development and Teambuilding aboard Spirit of Bermuda

From the moment students join the ship's company on the first day, they are responsible for all aspects of the ship's functioning. The student crew work in watch groups of 5-7 individuals to perform the many daily tasks associated with running a vessel of this size: sail and line handling, navigation, manning the helm, preparing and serving meals, monitoring the conservation of precious resources like fresh water and electricity, and of course, the daily cleaning required to maintain a hygienic environment for 32 people living in a 25 square meters space.

When the only way to get out of rough weather is to work as a team to tack and then lower the sails, students learn to work together pretty quickly. On STV Spirit of Bermuda students are also given the opportunity to achieve things they didn't believe themselves capable of. Leadership, initiative, and responsibility even in the face of adversity- these are the traits that we hope to see in all young Bermudians, yet how often do we give them the chance to actually rise to the challenge? Aboard Spirit of Bermuda students practice living these values.