The Bermuda Hospitals Board service does the preparation between merging the university and student's objectives with the BHB's expectations

The Bermuda Hospitals Board service does the preparation between merging the university and student's objectives with the BHB's expectations. We do the Immigration processing and act as welcoming ambassadors to the students once they arrive on the island. The Office of Chief of Staff presently handles placements for all senior medical students. During the summer months, our Bermudian health care service students are priority and thus we do not overly encourage internship during this time.  The Summer Student Employment Programme began orientation this morning. Bermudian Students from around the world applied for paid summer employment. We received many impressive resumes, from many phenomenal young and mature students. As Coordinator, over 100 application forms were vetted. In this process, we embrace and welcome our scholarship students, former employed students and those studying in areas of special needs such as Nursing, Pharmacy, Diagnostic Imaging and Pathology wherever we can.


Many of our medical professionals are predominantly non- Bermudian. The Student/Volunteer Services continues to assisting in educating the community about the nearly 1500 positions our Human Resources process and maintain records for. We participate in Career Fairs held in our schools, by government and sit on the committee for the International Colleges fair which attracted over 60 representatives from around the world.  More have an interest to participate for this year.


As we come to the crossroads, we are a service that welcomes. We do not discriminate because of colour, religion, nationality, political affiliation, literacy or lack of it. We place where there is a space and if not now, the delay is necessarily a denial.  At the end of last year, Student/Volunteer Services collaborated with the BermudaCollege along with other local businesses. We have been brainstorming the feasibility of forming an occupational advisory committee. Everywhere from Dockyard to St. David's, we have state of the art machinery and need our students to get interested and excited to explore


The future of Bermuda's health care professions is our business. In April, we invited school advisors and counselors into our environment - for "Meet the Pros". The interest was exciting! The pilot group included some senior students who heard of our needs in future staffing, our current endeavours with the BermudaCollege, and volunteer opportunities for students and schools. Tours to essential services was the highlight as always. We look forward to hosting this once per school term.


In 2008, the BHB's Scholarship initiative will also fall fully under our belt. Information on other heath care related scholarships and awards are also passed on to those interested.


The Student/Volunteer Services will continue to encourage change in how we direct, attract and keep the interest of our students and volunteers as they arrive to their destinations. We now prepare for our annual Summer Volunteer Programme, which starts in July.


Along these many journeys, I give thanks for the other team members of the Office of Staff Affairs as they work between both facilities. No success comes about by one person alone. As we continue to connect with hundreds of students through class tours, telephone calls, emails, interviews and special events, I trust that today, you are now more knowledgeable.


The Student/Volunteer Services of the BHB contributes to the development of future health care workers in our community. Tomorrow, you may guide someone to our service just because you heard about it today