Karl is an accomplished Youth Leader with The Woodcraft Folk in the UK.  Karl is in Bermuda briefly to learn about the history of the education system here, as part of his studies at LondonUniversity where he hopes it will be part of his thesis.


The Woodcraft Folk  is a progressive educational movement for children and young people.  The group exists throughout Great Britain mostly in larger towns and cities, and are run by volunteers, often parents.  The programme at their weekly meetings includes games, music, craftwork, discussions, projects etc.  They also have regular outdoor activities particularly camping and hiking, and international exchanges are popular with the older age groups.  Groups are both boys and girls divided by age.  "Elfins" 6 - 9 year olds, "Pioneers" 13- 15 year olds, Young Adults, aged 16 - 20 are known as "DFs" (district fellows)  The Woodcraft Folk is developing a new age group for pre school children called "Woodchips".  Karl is hoping to eventually come to Beermuda and run a Youth Exchange group.


For more information visit www.woodcraft.org.uk