Judy promoted The Bermuda Leadership Summit II to be held at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort for more information visit www.bermudaleadershipsummit.com



While pursuing my MBA in Atlanta and running the financial areas of my husband's company I wanted more of a challenge.  I decided to tap into Corporate America but before I could do that, I had to prepare myself by enhancing my leadership abilities. My journey started by joining various networking groups, associating myself among people who are established leaders and trainers in their field.  I frequently attended seminars with known facilitators as Colin Powel, Rudy Giuliani, facilitators trained by John Maxwell and I knew that I could do this but better yet create a team with individuals that had the knowledge of transferring their skills to others. Once the idea of creating a dynamic team with bright, skilful and knowledgeable individuals was planted, I had to choose from all the individuals I encountered.  Convincing them to take time out of their busy schedules to prepare to bring this goal to fruition was not difficult at all, once I mentioned that I was a citizen of Bermuda and the summit will take place here.  Go to our website: www.bermudaleadershipsummit.com to read their bio's and know that each and every one of them have knowledge that will be transferred to our audience at the summit to enhance not only their skills but also impacting the companies that they work for as well.


The third day of the summit which I refer to as the bonus day will consist of an Empowerment Workshop for Men and Women.  These workshops will be conducted separately for the first two hours from 11:00 am thru 1:00 pm on Sunday September 30th 2007.  From 1:00 thru 2:00 we will enjoy a wonderful brunch and afterwards both the men and women will sit back and enjoy their desserts while listening to our guest Speaker Tom Mathews.  Tom is the Senior Vice Chairman of the World Financial Group, an AEGON company of which I am proud to say I'm a member.  Tom has built an amazing team and has mastered the art of showing that he cares about people as human beings first and employees second, which in my opinion makes him a well loved and respected leader.  This is amplified by the book he wrote titled "Aim for the heart".  You will also be able to read more about Tom on our website: www.bermudaleadershipsummit.com .  I'm honoured to be in association with Tom and all the members of our team that will be presented to Corporate Bermuda at the Summit   Please keep in mind that the price of the 2 day summit includes your bonus day which of course is free.   I know that people are very busy with their schedules and if you cannot attend the three days, you can choose the day you would like to attend for a fraction of the price.  There is a separate cost for the Empowerment Workshops and also a separate price for attending one day of the two day event.