Dr Guishard explained in great detail exactly how the last Hurricane to hit Bermuda, Bertha, formed and behaved.  He also explained about the  levels of warning and what we should do as each level is enacted.   



During a potential threat and threat - "take precautions"

Hurricane/tropical storm could come within 400 or 100 miles within 72 hrs

·         Check emergency supplies and items for securing your home. Stock up.

·         Assess your home and make necessary repairs to roofs, etc.

·         Remove overhanging limbs and fruit from trees.

·         Decide whether you need to stay with friends or relatives or go to a shelter.

·         Find out which shelter is closest to you and decide how you will get there if you need to.

·         Make arrangements for your pets in case you have to go to a shelter.

·         Fill vehicles with gasoline and, if necessary, withdraw some cash from the bank.

·         Stay tuned to radio and local television for the latest official notices from the Emergency Measures Organization.


Watch"batten down"

Hurricane/tropical storm could strike within 36 hours


·         Put up shutters or board up windows, glass doors and skylights. Wedge sliding glass doors and windows to prevent them from lifting from their tracks.

·         Bring in or securely tie down everything that could be blown away, such as outdoor furniture, potted plants, clothes racks, garden tools, garbage pans, etc.

·         Remove antennas and satellite dishes to prevent damage or loss.


·         Sterilize bathtub, pans, jugs and bottles and fill with water.

·         Turn refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting and open as little as  possible.