Fellow Sandys Rotarian Craig Christensen Co-Owner of the proposed Southland Hotel


SPEAKER: Our guest speaker fellow Sandys Rotarian Craig Christensen Co-Owner of the proposed Southland Hotel was introduced by VP Neville Tyrrell.


The planned five-star Southlands hotel will be on 37 acres of land in Warwick. Southlands Limited have been in extensive talks with financing institutions in Bermuda and abroad, including the luxury hotel chain Jumeirah, The chain has signed a 20-year agreement to the scheme, but would not be contributing cash towards it. The hotel would be targeting the highest earners in the US, generally aged between 28 and 50.

Southlands Limited is confident the money would be in place after the granting of a Special Development Order (SDO). But they need to get the SDO in place before they can secure financing; otherwise the scheme is purely an idea.


On criticism of the loss of open space, Craig responded that they are only building on 16.8 percent of the land. The magnificent trees and two large agricultural pieces of land will remain intact. The magnificent quarry gardens are being restored on the property.  When you look at the size of the property you recognise that there is plenty of opportunity for open space. It represents a tremendous opportunity for Bermuda and Bermudians. Hotels used to be a wonderful place to go to for entertainment and enjoyment that seems to have been lost in the last ten or fifteen years.


Craig reiterated Southlands Limited's commitment to employing Bermudians among its 450 staff.  The first thing Jumeirah want to do is take Bermudians out to Dubai and train them. We need to make sure we have exposed our Bermudians to their training standards. They will be the first to grab opportunities in a five-star operation. We would like to attract as many Bermudians as we can. Realistically, we realise we will have to bring in non-Bermudians as well.


The thanks of the club were given by PE Chris.