Permanent Secretary Ministry Education Sports & Recreation Rosemary Tyrrell

Guest Speaker :  VP Neville introduced Rosemary Tyrrell Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education Sports & Recreation.


Bermuda should be concerned about our future.  Where we are - The achieving graduation rates need to be much better, less than half of students who enter the final year actually graduate and the first year performance is even poorer.  We need to look to doubling the graduation rate.  We are not all given the same talents but everyone should have a chance.  Solutions are being put in place and reform is under way.  Accountability is key and everyone must be held accountable, students will also be held accountable - we need to correct mistakes.  The MOE has failed to track students but this will be remedied so that action can be taken and follow up with students will happen.


One problem facing us is that children come to school who are hungry, try teaching a child who is hungry and even homeless.  The community must get involved we must all talk to children affirm positive actions and confirm to them that not everyone can be a lawyer, doctor or accountant and that all people have an important place in society.  There will be unity of curriculum for all schools, literacy- the 3R's must be taken care of so that students can take advantage of what is available.


Where do we go from here - We must have joined up programmes from Pre-School on and reliable data because no tracking has been done and so we do not know how many students are graduating, go overseas etc.  By 2009 we will have a full picture of students' progress. The future depends on effective communication we must listen and care. We should be aware students can fain listening and give the impression they are listening but they are not learning.  


Basic upbringing is  a "Village" challenge we need to teach children how to earn and not give to them all the time.  She appealed to Rotarians to partner with the Ministry of Education and help students and parents.  Some children are hungry some parents need help fining jobs, interviewing etc. - be a part of the solution. 


The thanks of the club were given by PP Jim