Dr. Greene described the College as one of the best-kept secrets in Bermuda.  Enrolment at the College is up and is expected to increase with Government plans to make education free.

.  A marketing campaign will be launched and Fall 2008 enrolment is expected to be higher.  Fall 2007 enrolment was one percent over Fall 2006. 

A survey was conducted in late 2006 to canvass what the public thought about the BermudaCollege.  It revealed that residents are unfamiliar with the courses offered by the College and think of overseas institutions before BermudaCollege.  Yet, the community does hold a favourable opinion of the BermudaCollege and they are likely to recommend the College.

Dr. Greene mentioned the following actions, which have been taken:

**Recent print advertising campaigns promote the alumni and programmes.    **Specific audiences are being targeted with presentations to get the College's message out.     **Publicised recent partnerships with overseas institutions such as Johnson and Wales, TuskegeeUniversity and an agreement with BrockUniversity in Canada will be signed next month.   **The Admissions Director position, which focuses on recruitment, has been moved to the Communications Department.   **The process of becoming accredited by the New England Association of School and Colleges is underway.  This is the same institution which accredits institutions such as Harvard and MIT.  Accreditation date is set for 2010.

"Imagine BC 2018" will be launched next month and focus groups will be invited to share their thoughts and vision about the College in 2018.  This is similar to a project, which was done in 2005 to establish a 3-year plan for the College. 

In closing Dr. Greene remarked, "BermudaCollege is moving to take its rightful place as the centre for intellectual, social and cultural activities on this island while fulfilling its mission of setting Bermuda's students on the paths to success."