David came from humble beginnings in that he was raised at the Sunshine League Children's home

He was determined to make something out of his life in spite of being told many times, even by school teachers that he would not amount to anything. His passion is young people and helping them to understand that they have purpose and can be anything that they want to be.


Having been a professional soccer player for 17 years, 12 years in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and 5 years in Baltimore, Maryland he initially formed a small business called Bascome Pro-Soccer School. Under this company he ran a pro-soccer clinic for 16 years involving 4000 young players in Bermuda and developed 30,000 players as well as coaches and various soccer clubs in the USA with a minimum of 1000 players in each club


David set up Island Soccer League to address the 18-35 age group.  These are typically the ones falling through the cracks because no one wants to reach out to them. Oftentimes, these young men have been in trouble in the community or in jail. David wants his programme to be a positive way to re-enter society and build both social and soccer skills.  Also provides them with the opportunity to fulfill their dreams

Island Soccer League catering to the 18 - 35 year old, is currently made up of 135 players and feeds into the local national team and the Hogges. In this regard, David works with Shaun Goater.  ISL really is a Youth Support Programme set up to help every young athlete in Bermuda


David is also looking to develop the Player Development League (players between 15-18 years)   In the next 3 years he hopes to have chapters of the league in three countries and attend ESPN next year.  .

When David feels like giving up because of lack of sponsorship (the programme takes money) he thinks of Dwyer Blyden whose life was saved because someone reached out to him. The programme will succeed through partnership with government, various local and international businesses.

In closing David quoted Thomas Edison "Many of Life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up"