Craig Tyrrell Operations Manager of the Bermuda Post Office  told us of the pursuit of the perfect mail system

This year promises to be an exciting one for us as we have many projects in the pipeline that will address how we look at mail from a processing and delivery standpoint and how certain reforms must occur for us to be sustainable.

Craig first gave us a brief history of the Postal Service: In 1784 Joseph Stockdale the publisher of Bermuda's first newspaper, the Bermuda Gazette, erected a letterbox on his gate accepting letters to be delivered by his paper carrier who rode from St. George to Somerset twice a week, blowing a horn to announce his approach. This was Bermuda's first postal service. In 1812 the first Government operated post office was established in St. George and Hamilton with John Till and Elizabeth Tucker respectively, installed as the first Postmaster Generals.  Fast forward to 2009; in Bermuda approximately 60,000 pieces of mail are processed every day which equates to about 15 million pieces per year, the mail industry is competitive and there is a Post master General who employs a staff of over 200. Bermuda is also fortunate to have numbered houses on paved streets and the Postmen and Post women have motorized transportation

The Bermuda Post office isn't perfect and yes we make mistakes but we are working very hard to reduce those self inflicted errors. Presently the Bermuda Post Office processes and delivers about half of the mail we receive within two working days and 80-95% within four days. Our statistics show that, on average, mail not delivered within four days is approximately 5% to 7%. That equates to roughly one million pieces of mail per year or 4000 pieces per day. Any one of those pieces could be your golden package and just as we do, I am sure that you can appreciate our desire and mission to reduce if not eliminate that figure.


In recent years the Bermuda Post office has centralized its sorting functions and has taken advantage of certain economies of scale in a bid to increase efficiency. There is much more work to be done throughout the organization and the staff and management is committed to making the necessary changes that will make the Bermuda Post office the best in the local and international marketplace. As one of the only Government departments facing direct competition for its business, this attitude is critical to our success.


Today I say to you that as senders of mail you must do your part. I urge you to tell your family and friends to start now. Take the time to ensure that your mail packets are properly marked. If you are unsure take a look at the Blue pages in the telephone directory to make certain that you are doing it right. Sender error is the most common cause for mail delays, and when I say sender error I am referring to those 8000 pieces per day that are incompletely or incorrectly addressed.



In closing, we envision that the Bermuda Post Office, in the not to distant future, will be more robust and efficient and provide both residential and business customers with an even more reliable and consistent service. We are taking the necessary steps to move forward but we need your help. We want to make sure that your "Golden packages" get to where they need to go so we need you to do your part. Post each piece correctly and we will do our best to get it there on time, every time!