Thanks to Rtn Greg, General Manager of The Bermuda School of Music, who brought along  some delightful entertainment from a very talented group of young musicians, Shamar Morris, Meinhardt Rentrup, Shanyce Morris, and Killian Rentrup, led by their teacher Jennifer Sheridan

The Bermuda School of Music, a not-for-profit registered Bermuda charity #483, has been providing music education to the Island since 1978, commencing with the Dunbarton School of Music and followed by several mergers including that of the Bermuda Academy of Music and the Bermuda Conservatory of Music in 2001. 
   Offering the finest musical education by a highly qualified local and international staff, the school provides instruction for children and adults in piano, voice, organ, recorder, flute, saxophone, clarinet, guitar (classical and electric), percussion, steel pan and all string instruments. There are also classes in music theory, composition and jazz studies.
While most of our students are of school age, participants in our programme include every age group, from infants to retirees. 
   The School holds true to its mandate of striving toward musical excellence for all.  Our faculty, staff and board members are committed to providing a rich and wide-ranging musical curriculum.  If you want to explore your musical potential, refine already developed skills, or do something in between, we can find an instructor and instrument for you. 
   We believe that music can benefit everyone, and should be made accessible to everyone.  It was recognized that barriers, both financial and physical were preventing students from participating in music lessons.  In addition to offering bursaries, we created the Community Education Initiative.  It began in 2003 by providing free Suzuki violin lessons to all P1 and P2 students at Purvis Primary.  The following year, the programme expanded to include all P1 and P2 students at Victor Scott Primary.  Further expansion occurred in the fall of 2005 when free Suzuki violin lessons were offered to students at the Island's three Community Centres; Sandys, St. Georges and The Centre in Hamilton.  In addition to the string teaching, at the beginning of 2006 the school added a free children's choir which is open to the public and meets twice weekly.  We also continue with our music appreciation with programmes at the Agape House and the Continuing Care Unit of KEMH and Westmeath Rest Home. 
   Children between three months and seven years - plus parents or caregivers - take part in our Kindermusik programmes. During the classes, children sing, dance, listen to music and use simple instruments to make musical sounds. It is an excellent introduction to music and helps prepare children to play instruments.  We also servefour nursery schools by providing a music programme for children from 12 months to 5 years of age. 
   We have a large group of committed adult students. Some have just begun their music education. Others are returning to instruments they studied as children. All of them understand the pleasure music can provide throughout life.