The Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps was founded in 1966 and has three units around the Island. In Pembroke there is the T.S. Bermuda, in St. George's it is T.S. Admiral Somers and in Sandys the T.S. Venture which was founded in 1969 with Mr. Lightbourne as one of the founding cadets.

Mr. Lightbourne joined in 1968 at the age of 12, which was then the minimum joining age. Today Boys and girls can enroll as young as nine-and-a-half  and are able to stay until they are aged 17 after which they can stay on to be instructors.   During the summer months, the Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps has as many as 75 cadets with 25 in each unit.

The effort is to take young people off the streets and give them a chance to take pride in themselves with the help of the Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps.  We are encouraging young people to do something worthwhile with their lives and become good citizens. We're taking bored young people off the streets and giving them an opportunity to take pride in themselves, we want them to play an active role in the community by getting involved.  They are taught teamwork, self respect responsibility and social awareness starting them out in life with a positive attitude.

The Sea Cadets take part in activities that range from drill, sailing, navigation, boat work, parade participation, training and first aid.  Teamwork is what makes the cadets so efficient.  It's all about learning and teamwork, learning to work together to achieve results.

An important part of being a Sea Cadet was the overseas international training the cadets are able to take part in.  They can train in Canada at the HMCS Acadia in Nova Scotia and the T.S. Royalist in the United Kingdom.  Because this is so important we need more funding in order to keep sending the cadets abroad and help the movement grow. We are making a real contribution to youth culture and the best value for our community because ultimately we want to be ship-shape for our youth.

More information on Bermuda Sea Cadets Corps is available at or 297 2759.