The Bermuda Post Office was established in 1812 and continues to be a Government Department and is governed by the Post Office Act 1900 and the Post Office Regulations 1933. The Post Office employs 232 employees (both BIU and BPSU) and provides services from the GPO and the 13 sub post offices located throughout the Island

The Bermuda Post Office is very labour intensive organization and all its work is manually done by the workers - Around 90% of total expenditure budget ($15 million) is for Salaries and Wages.That equates to around $13.5 million.

The Post Office has undertaken critical reviews of its business processes and legislation and implemented changes to streamline processes and procedures to ensure a timely delivery of mail to customers and has also begun the process of identifying and introducing new revenues.

The past year was a particularly busy and productive one for the Bermuda Post Office in its mail processing division.  The Post Office processed approximately 13 million pieces of mail.  The local market provided 8.2 million pieces or 63% for local delivery and 1.4 million pieces or 11% for outgoing international delivery.  The Post Office also received 3.4 million pieces or 26% from our overseas postal partners for local delivery. 

The   Post Office currently delivers 97% of all mail within four working days or less.  It should be noted here that the majority (78%) of this mail is delivered within one and two days (or 37% and 41% respectively).  The mail that falls outside of the four working day delivery is approximately 1,000 pieces a day which is still unacceptable.  We process over 50,000 pieces of mail each day.

One of our most significant accomplishments in 2009 was the reviewed the Post Office Act and Regulations.   As a result of the review, the Post Office legislation was amended to deal with the negative effects caused by the incorrect addressing of mail, we re-enforced the requirement for numbers on buildings and to require mail boxes and cluster boxes on premises.  On August 31, 2009 the legislation became operational.

Our most recent statistics show that 97% of mail boxes in the Island have installed. (Total of 34, 000 mail boxes is required).   Less than 1,000 still do not have mail boxes installed.  

In November 2009, the Post Office extended a partial moratorium until February 28, 2010 to allow residents and businesses additional time to notify their correspondents of their correct mailing address.  This has been followed up with extensive marketing and visits to the public and businesses.  Our statistics in March 2010 compared to the months prior to the grace period has showed that the RTS mail has decreased by approx. 30% with number of incorrect or missing postal codes reducing by approx. 50%.   This response is encouraging so far and I would like to thank the public and the business community for their continuing support.  I am pleased to say that by delivering mail as addressed and properly located mail boxes, the  Post Office can now reduce the amount of time spent on trying to find the recipients of mail and concentrate on a more complete, consistent and accurate delivery Island wide

The Post Office now offers a registered e-mail service to the public. Registered e-mail technology allows a person and or a company to send a registered e-mail message to a recipient and to receive a receipt of verifiable evidence of the precise content (that is the message, body and all attachments), and official notification of the time the email was sent and received by each recipient.  A link has been set up on the Government of Bermuda website, that will take members of the public directly to a co-branded web site where they can view a demonstration of the product and receive a free trial of 10 Registered Email units

In conclusion, with the benefits of the work and foundation that was laid in 2009 and with the objectives which we have set for 2010 we are looking at increasing the operational performance and sustainable financing of the postal services in Bermuda for Bermuda.  There is much work that still needs to be done and I would like to thank the public for their continuing support and most importantly I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the BPO Staff for their hard work and support during their changing times..we will succeed if we all do our little piece.believe me it will make a difference