Erin Moran founder of Greenrock which she established in 2003 with the goal of raising the awareness about our environment through education and entertainment.


Greenrock is a registered Bermuda Charity and has become focused on ensuring that the Sustainable Development Strategic Plan (SDSP) is adhered to.  Through unique ways Greenrock is reaching out to the public and working to change "The Mindset" when it comes to issues relating to Sustainable Development and ultimately the future of Bermuda. In theory a sustainable development plan incorporates three critical issues of a community: social, economic and environmental.


Government spent a great deal of Taxpayers money on building the SDSP document, consulting the general public and establishing a unit within the Cabinet Office  yet we have not seen evidence from Government that this document is being used or at least referred to. Therefore Greenrocks mission is to encourage and empower individuals and companies to do their part in making Bermuda socially, economically and environmentally sustainable for future generations.


Greenrocks slogan "Changing the Mindset" refers to the acceptance of the values of sustainable development.  We use the term mindset because it really is a different way of thinking. Greenrock does not expect people to stop driving cars, or purchasing goods or building.  But what we are asking is that you consider alternative ways to minimize the impact your lifestyle choices have to the Island.  More and more technologies are emerging for renewable energy more and more eco-friendly products are becoming available at reasonable prices, and more and more information is being revealed about how much healthier one can be by adopting a sustainable life style.


Erin invited us all to join the movement and help Greenrock achieve its goal of "Changing the Mindset" in Bermuda.  Visit the website at