Four Avenues of Service

Rotary is a service organization. Based on the Object of Rotary, the Four Avenues of Service are Rotary's philosophical cornerstone and the foundation on which club activity is based.

Rotary is based on Four Avenues of Service:  Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, and International Service.

Club Service involves all of the activities necessary for Rotarians to perform to make their club function successfully.

Vocational Service is a description of the opportunity each Rotarian has to represent the dignity and utility of one's vocation to the other members of the club.

Community Service pertains to those activities that Rotarians undertake to improve the quality of life in their community.  It frequently involves assistance to youth, the aged, handicapped and others who look to Rotary as a source of hope for a better life.

International Service describes the many programs and activities that Rotarians undertake to advance international understanding, goodwill and peace.  International Service projects are designed to meet humanitarian needs of people in many lands.

Are You Ready to Serve? Financial support for all of our projects is provided by individual donations, members' dues, and our fundraisers. We are a busy and energetic club. We welcome as members anyone who wants to join our efforts to make our community and this world a more peaceful and understanding place for all its citizens.