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Oct 24, 2017
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Rotarian of the Day, Suzy Thrash (l) introduced Amy Bowman, spokesperson for the UCO Foundation as the program speaker at the October 3rd meeting. The UCO Foundation provides loans, scholarships, and grants to students attending various colleges within the University of Central Oklahoma. 

Over 450 students were given assistance of some type by the foundation during the 2016-17 school year and they are on track for at least that much this year. All funding of the UCO Foundation is through private donations.

The Foundation was established as an independent 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in Dec. 1975 to provide scholarship assistance to deserving students and support for faculty, campus activities and vital programs at the University of Central Oklahoma.
That mission still thrives today, but with a distinct difference. In 1994, the Foundation Board of Trustees made the decision to become an active fundraiser and the philanthropic steward for the University instead of solely an administrator of donated funds. Since then, the Foundation has more than doubled its assets, starting with more than $6 Million in donations, pledges and estate gifts in 1994 to more than $20 million today, reflecting the University of Central Oklahoma's continued growth in size, prominence and impact.
The Foundation places a high priority on growing the number of scholarships and awards we offer to UCO students. If you are a donor who would like to establish a new scholarship or award with your gift, please contact the UCO Foundation office at 405.974.3798.
For more information on giving or assisting the UCO Foundation you can get more information at .

All attendees of the Summit Rotary Social on Sept 21st agreed that this was a special evening. The rhythm trio from UCO provided nearly non-stop, conversation friendly, easy listening tunes throughout the evening and the pizzas, salad and sandwiches from Hideaway Pizza next door, were top-notch. 

The Jazz Lab provided the cash bar which provided great service  at reasonable pricing on adult beverages and even took care of most of the clean-up after the party. The only regret is that more members could not attend due to other commitments.  When, (not if) we have another social in this venue we highly recommend every member mark their calendar for that evening. Plan to invite a guest if you want (we may ask you to chip in a little extra for the food for them. We can always hop next door and order more!) But by all means plan to take advantage of the next opportunity to spend quality time "fellowsipping, er... fellowshipping" with the rest of the gang.

The site for the CHRISTMAS SOCIAL has been chosen and it is CAFE EVOKE'.  More details to come. Suggestions for the menu are invited, so plan to attend the next board meeting Thursday, October 12th to add your input for this event.  

Ashley Welke, Edmond Public Library Manager, was introduced as the speaker at the Sept 19th meeting by Rotarian of the Day George Strecker.

Ashley gave updates on the recent remodeling at the Edmond library including improvements at the Edmond new automated checkout counters and an increased number of computer workstations. They have also improved the spacing and lighting and improved the accessibility of bookshelves for the handicapped. The Edmond library is the busiest library in the metropolitan area. The usage of the online library is also one of the highest in the metropolitan area with thousands of downloads and hits daily.
Of great importance, she gave a rundown of the virtual (online) library's content including the Overdrive application for ebooks, the Hoopla application for free videos, and Zinio which has recently become RBDIGITAL for online reading of over 300 editions of popular magazines. There are also applications such as the Gutenberg press for scanned additions of out of date and rare publications. There is also Indie for published editions available for reading. All of the above are available simply with the use of the library card which is also available for free at the local library. Everyone needs to check out the new library and the selections available through the virtual libraries.

By the way, these are all paid for by our ad valorem taxes. You bought it you might as well use it!

The url to get to the virtual library if you have a library card is The Edmond Library is physically located just one block north of 2nd street on Boulevard. It is a friendly place and another asset to our community that is highly recommended.

Koorosh has a supply of Tee Shirts, Polos, etc. embossed with the Edmond Summit Rotary Club emblem available.  Let him know if you are interested and he can let you know what is available and what it will cost if it isn't.  

Greg Smith was the Rotarian of the Day at the September 12th meeting and introduced Ryan Ochsner, Director of Community Image, for the city of Edmond and the University of Central Oklahoma. Ryan may be familiar to some of us as the former Urban Forestry Coordinator for Edmond. 

Ryan's presentation centered on the enforcement branch  that  ensures the preservation of Native and important non-native vegetation that contribute to the existing "canopy" of greenery that makes Edmond an attractive environmentally friendly community.  New construction, primarily industrial and commercial is under the jurisdiction of his department and must conform to the city ordinances now in place. Some phases of the domestic housing that is widespread does not directly fall under these rules.  Fortunately these developments must pass rigorous oversight of the urban planning commission which so far has rigorously upheld the requirements for greenbelt and old growth preservation. The Code Enforcement Division strives to keep City of Edmond one of the cleanest communities in the metro area and helps to coordinate local volunteers to work on projects to assist those in need of help to maintain their property.

Maintenance of walking and bicycle paths, shade parks, abandoned lots, playgrounds, public garden areas, all fall under their jurisdiction and all work together to make Edmond an attractive and ecologically sound place to choose to live.

For more information about the Community Image department, look at  
Jnnifer Bozarth, the scheduled speaker with Vision Farms was unable to attend due to an incident involving 32 bee stings to her face and neck. Rotarian of the Day Kathy Reeser took her notes and made the presentation which showcased the good work that Vision Farms does for the needy.  Vision Farms "borrows" unused property from willing landowners and plants vegetable gardens that produce food that is distributed to food banks and nursing homes. A good portion of  heirloom or specialty varieties are also sold to local restaurants as a way to keep the endeavor running.
 Mission Statement
We promote local food sovereignty and local food security by growing high quality, wholesome food for hungry people and donating the majority of this food to the local food distribution organizations in our county, educating children and adults through learning workshops, helping families start small gardens and promoting local CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)
Vision Farms has an event coming up shown in the picture of their ad below:
See more information on Facebook  @visionfarms  ,Google Vision Farms, Guthrie, or go to

The club has several volunteer opportunities coming up, including the Downtown Edmond Fall Festival, Our Skeet Shoot,  and Salvation Army Bell Ringing.
1.  We are cordially invited to participate in Downtown Edmond’s Fall Festival at the Festival Market Place on Saturday, Oct. 28. 3:00 - 5:30  We have a sign up for this event for anyone wishing to help. Also if you have another idea for a game other than the corn-hole-bean bag toss game we have, we would welcome your input. The Board has decided to provide $200.00 of Halloween candy for the event.

2. Tickets for this year's raffle are still available.  Please pick up as many packets of 10 as you believe you can sell between now and Nov. 4th.  If you cannot attend a meeting George Strecker or another member can get tickets to you for this years fundraiser.  We also need teams signed up for the skeet shoot so get your teams set up and ready to go!  VOLUNTEERS ARE ALSO NEEDED to collect money, set up teams, work in the Kitchen, and fundamentally make this a fun and memorable event Worthy of Edmond Summit Rotary!

3. We have been asked if we wish to participate in Salvation Army Bell Ringing again this year. Koorosh has more information on this and a sign-up sheet is available.

It rained money for Edmond Mobile Meals on a rainy Friday when Edmond Summit Rotary Club President, Koorosh Zahrai (r) presented Mobile Meals Director Cristi Twenter a $1,000.00 donation to become a sponsor of EdFest 2017. Rotarian George Strecker, (L), was on hand preparing to deliver meals on Route 4 with fellow Rotarian Greg Smith, not pictured. 

Every year the EdFest fundraiser provides enough funds to cover the cost of over 7000 meals to shut-ins and elderly in Edmond. In many cases this service is what enables people to remain in their own homes that otherwise would need to move to assisted living or with relatives.

The 5th annal EdFest festival will be held at the Edmond Festival Marketplace which is located at 26 W. 1st street in Edmond on October 6th starting at 6pm.  Cristi Twenter says that this year, EdFest will have a KidsZone, local food trucks, a local beer/wine tasting, Live Music from Souled Out, a silent auction, and much more! 

For more information go to

Rotarian of the day for Tuesday, August 22nd, Matthew McKenna introduced Regina Birchum, with the soon to open Cristo Rey OKC High School. She is the Director of the school's Corporate Work Study Program that is scheduled to open in the fall of 2018.

The first Cristo Rey school opened in Chicago in 1996, and its impressive outcomes led to other communities seeking to replicate its success.  Matthew provided some insight that he had been involved in this program as a Catholic Brother serving in the Chicago Diocese and had seen how effective it had been  there.

Cristo Rey Oklahoma City Catholic High School will be a Catholic learning community that educates young people of limited economic means to become men and women of faith, purpose and service. Through a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, integrated with a relevant work-study experience, students will graduate ready to succeed in college and in life. The support from the OKC community has been overwhelming. Students were thrilled by the idea of going to a great school with opportunities to acquire work-experience and real world skills. Families were excited about the opportunities for financial assistance. Dozens of businesses have pledged to support the school and participate in its Corporate Work-Study Program. 

The school will first open its doors to a class of 9th graders. Each year thereafter, they will add another freshman class of 125 students.  By 2020, the school will serve grades nine through 12. The program insures that the student is prepared for college, knows how to act and communicate professionally, and will have a "mature" resume and a leg up when graduating with their peers.  It opens possibilities to low income students who otherwise might be left with no option but to attend low performing schools that would ill prepare them for the "real world".  For more information, take a gander at


Showing off their new officer pins for the 2017 term are l-r, George Glover 2017 Secretary and President-Elect, Koorosh Zahrai 2017 President, and Matt McKenna, 2017 Sergeant at Arms. Thank you fellows for your service!

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