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Oct 23, 2018
Pepper’s Ranch Foster Community
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Reagan Hamlin (L) Executive Director of Free to Live Animal Sanctuary was our speaker at the October 9th meeting. Established in 1984, Free to Live Animal Sanctuary is the largest nonprofit, no-kill animal sanctuary in Oklahoma. Whether they are strays, abused, mistreated, neglected or extreme medical cases – all of the dogs and cats there will live out their lives with love, companionship and a sense of family from their dedicated staff and volunteers.

Free To Live began as a dream of Bill and his late wife Pat Larson. In 1982, the Edmond couple purchased 20 acres of land north of Edmond and began construction. The Larsons and a handful of dedicated volunteers did much of the work. On August 7, 1984, Free To Live opened its doors and the Larsons’ dream became a reality.

FTL currently averages about 70 adoptions per year (contrary to some rumors that the facility does not adopt!!). Due to the nature of many of the pets, a no questions policy is in effect for any FTL adopted pet that is returned to the facility. 

Since the facility is non profit, donations of time and money for food and vet services are always welcome. Reagan highlighted many opportunities of volunteering that are always available and great for single family or for group activities. More information is available on their website

Cindi Carter, Director of the Small Business Administration office at the UCO location in Edmond was our speaker at the Oct. 2nd meeting. The SBA has been assisting small businesses start, grow and succeed for over 65 years. They remain committed to helping entrepreneurs access capital, government contracts, counseling, and disaster assistance.

The SBA partners with over 300 SCORE chapters, 100 Women's Business Centers, 980 Small Business Development Centers, and 20 Veterans Centers to provide coverage for every phase of the business cycle. Through counseling and training, for free or at low cost, these organizations put expertise for obtaining loans and grants and developing business plans in the hands of small business owners. SBA Loans are beneficial to the owner because they are typically at very competitive rates, spread over longer terms and have lower up front equity requirements than conventional loans.  The failure rate of the SBA loan is extremely low and are highly desirable in the aftermarket.

More information on working with the SBA to launch your small business can be obtained at

Just around the corner! Start getting those teams lined up for the fun and thrill of seeing those pesky clay birds turn to dust as your precisely guided shot contacts and dusts the target! November 3rd is just a month away! Food, ammo, and fellowship for the whole family, what more could you want for a Saturday morning?  Sign up sheets are available or download from our website  (IN the HOMEPAGE Download Files Section) 
 Our guest speaker for September 25th was Victor Neal with Prime Travel of Edmond, Oklahoma. Victor brought a wealth of information of his native state of the Isle of Mann, UK and shared it with the club. Familiarity certainly did not breed anything but a sincere admiration for the tiny nation.  The Isle of Mann experienced a huge population growth in the '60s when England abruptly turned socialist and began taxing incomes above £10,000 at the rate of £1.20 for every £1.00 earned! Earning the moniker "The Great Brain Drain", England's loss of many of the brightest and most independent thinking population simply moved up the coast 100 Km or so and ferried out to Mann and settled there.  This migration soon ate up all the available properties, and created a boom in the housing market that exists today.   
Passionately proud of its history and culture, the Isle of Man boasts the world’s oldest continuous parliament and enjoys a semi-autonomous status within the UK. It also boasts some of the most beautifully maintained examples of medieval castles and prehistoric ruins dating to 6500 BC. 
Have you been dreaming of a trip to Ireland, but putting it off due to the cost? Victor told the club that the Isle of Man has much the same climate, many-many golf courses, castles out the wazoo, train rides, trolleys, history and more history, and all for a fraction of the cost of the more highly publicized tourist sites. If time permits, a 3 hour SeaCat Ferry Ride out of Douglas gets you to Dublin or Belfast if you really want to see some of Ireland or 2-1/2 hours to Liverpool UK. All in all, a great presentation and all the more reason to update the old passport photo and start saving up for that dream vacay for that next big anniversary! eh!
Rotarian of the Day, Dave Evans (left) served up a rousing and inspiring talk about improving leadership skills that related to business, home, and social success. Meeting employees needs beyond basic food and shelter are important, per Maslow's Heirarchy, which Dave pointed out. Once basic living requirements are met, then Safety and Security are important, but immediately after those and what cannot be ignored in a competitive workforce place are Social needs of friendship and family.  A person must feel as if they belong and are important to an organization, and be recognized as such or can be easily swept away by any other group promising the same basics but more of the Social and self esteem and "ownership" portion of the need of the employee. Trust through good Character, high Competency, high Commitment, Courage to take on challenges, and good and gracious Conduct build trust in a company.  Rotary's 4-way Test is an example. Promote Standards of Excellence every day, not to meet the minimum, but to achieve that which has not been reached.  As Yoda stated, Not Try, DO! , then we can also say Not think, Plan, Not Hope, but Strive.  Keep sharpening skills and working on the Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. 
Good talk Dave! 

Edmond Summit Rotarian Dr. John Polkinghorne received his Paul Harris Fellow + 1 pin at his dental  office last week.  In case you're wondering as I was, No John did not raid the Chihuly exhibit at the OKC Art Museum. Those are his own creations. Among his many talents, he is also an amateur glassblower!

The Paul Harris Fellow award is given in recognition of a Rotarian or by a Rotarian upon the donation of $1000.00 to the Rotary Foundation began by Paul Harris and named in his honor. Every subsequent $1000.00 is awarded another + to the designation, along with another stone to the emblem.

Thank  you John for your contributions to Rotary.

They're here and we have plenty of them. Take them and spread them around. Bring them back with money and names and they will be placed in the drum to be drawn after the Nov. 3rd Skeet Shoot at the OKC Gun Club. 

At the August 21st meeting, Tom Jourdan finally shook the dust of the far left coast from his travelling clothes and club president Koorosh Zahrai, (r) was able to present him his  Paul Harris Fellow Plus One pin. 

Well known Edmondite, and a fellow Rotarian, Randall Shadid, was our guest speaker at the September 4th meeting and his topic was the  Visual Arts Commission that overseas the public art that graces the streets and parks of Edmond.

In October 8, 2001, Ordinance No. 2653 was passed to provide for means to fund the acquisition of works of art by the City, which would become the City's collection, and to provide a means of selection of works of art for the collection and to provide for the display of the collection and to provide for the maintenance and repair of the works of art in the collection.  Randall said that an initial $100,000 fund was set up by the city council mostly funded by private individuals and matching money.  The collection of "Art in Public Places" has grown to over 200 pieces at the time of his talk. The latest was at the OnCue station just up the street at the 15th and I-35 Service Rd. intersection. I looked at it on the way home and it is a very impressive abstract piece. A list of the art pieces can be found at   An interactive map of most of the pieces is available online at   If you go the the Edmond Convention Center site you will find a list of many of the best of the pieces and a brief description of the art work and artist.

Randall  has been a big part of moving the structure of Edmond for over 40 years. He lists the Art in Public Places as probably the biggest impact due to the impact it will have long after his memory and any of ours has turned to vapor. We think so too!

Club president Koorosh Zahrai presented a $1000.00 check to Edmond Mobile Meals Executive Director, Cristi Twenter to support the 2018 "EdFest for Mobile Meals" event.  Last year this event raised enough funds to provide about 8,500 meals to needy individuals in our community. Over 5,000 people attended the event and this year looks like an even bigger turnout may happen.

Edmond Summit has made Mobile Meals one of our focus charities that we provide both financial and volunteer support through the year. Being an EdFest supporter with our donation is one way we are able to assist Edmond Mobile Meals in their goal of keeping more of Edmond's elderly and handicapped in their own homes for as long as possible by providing a daily meal and a contact by a volunteer Monday through Friday each week.

EdFest 2018 will be held October 12 at the Edmond Festival Marketplace beginning at 6:00 PM. There will be Music from Souled Out, Beer and Wine Garden, local Food Trucks, contests, and much more.  We will have more volunteer opportunities available also, so stay tuned!     

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