Meeting was called to order by President Lance  followed by O Canada, Rotary Toast, Rotary Grace.

Guests included Bill and Lisa Kerr, Adam Perecko, and Dennis Casey.

Sergeant Brian fined Andy Salvatori as being responsible for Curry’s tow truck, and Andy Glecoff for doing so well selling rain gear in this weather. Happy bucks came from Richard for having a houseful of company for Thanksgiving, from Curry for finding the key to the shed, and from Lance for going to District Conference.

Tonight’s program was presented by Melvin Tejada, the Director of the Eye and Dental Clinic in Honduras.

The clinic has been operating for 16 years. Melvin started working there in 2003. Since then 10,000 eye surgeries have been performed. Honduras is the 2nd poorest country, with 5% being in upper class, 10% in middle class, and 74% being really, really poor. All patients are seen and only pay if they can. Volunteer ophthalmologist visit villages where 20,000 people become blind each year – 50% of those with cataracts. Donated glasses are distributed to villages.

Government is not interested in dental side. The hospital is run by the government but supplies are insufficient. Outreach programs are run to educate and encourage dental hygiene and its far-reaching benefits. Honduras has only 70 opthalmologistd for 8 million people.

Some of the main causes of blindness are diabetes (often diet-related), being in sun with no eye protection, and genetics.

Club business:

1.      Library. Thank you from Bessie Sulivan for donation fo funds for books in Wilberforce. Harold and Chester will be recognized.

2.      Bottle drive. Volunteers for bottle collection are Lance, Maureen, John, Mark, Michele and Océane. Richard will set up tant ant table in morning. Andrew will collect tent ant table at end of day.

3.      Auction. Brian is planning auction for Feb. 22, encouraging bigger and better than ever. Donors to be recognized in advertisements, so get them early.

4.      Brian and Dorothy Menton. Richard read an update from the Menton’s about traveling in China fro a week due to a National Holiday. All is going well.

5.      Road clean-up. Andrew is organizing club road clean-up of Rotary adopted road for Saturday Oct. 19.

Adjournment at 7:30 p.m.

Minutes taken by: Maureen O’Hara