Meeting was called to order by Vice President David followed by O Canada, Rotary Toast, Rotary Grace.

Guests Adam Perecko and Miles Allen joined us.

Sergeant at Arms Brian fined anyone in short-sleeves, Jerry for finally moving gravel, and for anyone without a poppy. Jerry had a happy buck for Tim’s opening, from Maureen for getting a flu shot, and from Michele for Océane being able to go to New York city and for volunteer drivers Mark and Maureen. David had good wishes for Marlene and Andy Salvatori’s birthdays and for Ted’s anniversary in Rotary.

Tonight’s program was presented by Amanda Ranson, the Director of Tourism for Haliburton County.

Amanda’s job is to create tourist demand in Haliburton County. Building on already completed research and studies, Amada’s goal is to implement some strategies fairly quickly in order to create confidence, support, participation, and collaborative efforts. Prior fragmentation has been non-successful in creating larger benefits. The challenges include developing a brand for our County, incorporating brand guidelines and common themes. Her office will be hiring some one to develop a more definitive tag line.

They have already decided on the promotion of #MyHaliburtonHighlands as an identity brand and promoting this on identifying products.

Utilizing social and digital media in focused, positive manner will provide public relations, advertising, and county promotion in a cost-effective and interactive manner, engaging many sources of feedback and input.

Club business:

1.      Bandshell. Installation expected to occur Mon-Wed. of next week, with roof being put on Thurs. and Fri.

2.      Auction. Brian announced that personalized “ask” letters will be distributed. The goal is to have all donations in by Jan. 23, with auction on March 1, 2014. Plan are to include confirmed donors in advertising.

3.      Christmas luncheon.Mark has several choices for club to select from. He will be looking for input next week.

4.      Annual meeting. Per RI regulations and club by-laws, we are required to hold an annual meeting in December to elect executive for 2014-15. Due to December club commitment, we will be holding this meeting, in conjunction with Club Assembly on Nov. 28.

Adjournment at 7:10 p.m.

Lucky Diane used her ticket to try for $142 in the card game. The 3 of spades denied her the money.

Minutes taken by: Maureen O’Hara