Meeting called to order by President Andrew followed by O Canada, Rotary Toast, Rotary Grace.

Introduction of guests: Bram Lebo joined us to see if membership in Rotary is a good fit for both he and the club.

Sing Song: Songmaster  Art led us in a rousing version of Vive Le Rotary in the key of “D”.

Sergeant at Arms: Jim opened the floor for happy and sad bucks:

☺Marlene got play with her grandchildren

Pd double buck for Marran to tell members that she has a book of gear which can have the Rotary logo embroidered. See her for more info.

☺John Beachli needed replacement for his shift at the Home Show and 7 members showed up at his plea.

Leora hasn’t mastered her secretary duties and wanted to share an opportunity for an excursion to South Africa in October for $2000.

☺☺Lance has found a second youth exchange host family for next year – Sandra Dupret, Principal of Fleming College Haliburton; and he got several responses for a request for ideas of items to take to Portugal to Convention.

Jim’s last meeting as Sergeant. Be prepared with pins next week when Sergeant Diane will be on the lookout.

A general fine was levied for anyone who has attendance of less than 50%, and for anyone who has not sold a car ticket since the Early Bird draw.

Art Ward introduced tonight’s program presented by Kim Emmerson.

Kim was born in Haliburton and completed a diploma in Business Administration from Ryerson. Kim is a former Rotarian of 37 years. Kim was President of the club in 1990-91. He has always been interested  in History – especially Haliburton history and was instrumental in the writing of our Rotary History of the President’s of Haliburton Rotary book 1944-2004.

Kim is in the process of refurbishing a dam in the centre of Haliburton. He shared his plans, struggles, challenges, and successes to do so.

Kim shared history of Haliburton, the logging industry, and the 2 power dams on the Drag River that were originally owned by his family – at the end of Outlet Bay aka Mud Lake, and the at the site of the  Lumber Mill  adjacent to the bridge on Highland St.

Since 2004, Kim has investigated and worked towards refurbishing and operationalising the dam in town while keeping the historical importance and community enjoyment of the dam. Kim shared some of the trials and tribulations of the (up to now) 9 year project. Many, many tests, studies, and reviews have had to be completed, using a great deal of time and money. The first MNR study alone took 4 years to establish that the dam is a low-risk structure –a statement that Kim had made at the outset. Their recommendations were to tear the dam down or repair at a cost of approximately $1.2 million. Since removing the dam would have considerable environmental consequences and the money was the estimate of an expert-panel of engineers, Kim left the meeting.

Being persistent, Kim explored other options. As of last Friday, at considerable cost (but a lot less than $1.2 million), a temporary structure was put in place to begin to fill concrete into the re-inforced dam.

The future of the dam may hold production of power. The FIT program would provide income and enough power to power approximately 62 homes.

In the interest of preserving family history, community history and being aware of environmental impact and concerns, Kim is to be commended for his patience and perseverance in an exciting project that will benefit the entire community. Kim is happy to share his presentation to any groups who might be interested.

A number of anecdotes were shared by Kim and members related to the dam, logging, and history.

George thanked Kim for his presentation with Maple syrup from Gooderham – another natural phenomenon in the county.

Club business:

1.      A thank you card was read from the Interact Club for club assistance with Radio Day.

2.      A thank you card was read from SIRCH for support of Hike for Hospice to help them reach their goal.

3.      Thank you card was read from Fleming College for award donated to Kerry Nelson.

4.      Board meeting will be after tonight’s meeting.

5.      Year-end dinner will be at Bonnie View June 27. Members do not pay for dinner, guests can dine for $40. Please sign up.

6.      Romina had a weekend trip to yoga camp which included yoga, hiking, kayaking, zumba, yoga, and a snake (friendly).  This week she has palyed basketball, golf, has enjoyed getting to know her new host family, and will participate in the Relay for Life tomorrow night. She thanked the club for their donations to support her Canada trip, and to sponsor her Relay adventure.

Adjournment at 7:15 p.m.

Card Game:

 Marran’ ticket was drawn again which gave her a chance at taking home $1127. She asked Romina to pick a card and Romina turned the 7 of Clubs. To be continued next week.

Minutes taken by: Maureen O’Hara