The Rotooter has been somewhat sporadic over the summer. It is geared to get back on track with the chaos of summer activities over.

Sergeant: Brian fined David for self-promotion (newspaper), Brian Nash for self-promotion (shirt), and accepted Happy Bucks from Richard, Marran John Beachli (for Partner greeter Marran picking up the ball for July), Andy Glecoff (for Art Dawson selling more than 100 tickets)), and from Maureen (for winning a prize at a family reunion and for the bandshell being used so often).

Brian Menton announced that due to serious health issues, District Governor Gary Traill had to step down from position. The District has agreed to name Brian Menton as District Governor who will have the assistance of a committee of Past District Governors to fulfil requirements of the role.

Speaker Notes: Brian and Dorothy Menton shared some of their experiences while teaching in China for 6 months with the Sino-Canadian International College. Photos of the urban growth of China, the mixture of Eastern and Western cultures, transportation challenges, history, and people gave members some insight into their experiences. Brian and Dorothy were students of Chinese culture and language, while being teachers of English and University life to Chinese students. They were able to share English customs such as Christmas, New Year’s, Hallowe’en while learning of Chinese customs and holidays. Brian and Dorothy became close with Ami and Emily, two teaching assistants who were welcoming and very helpful in translating language, educating about daily life in China and including them in their families.The college offers a 2-year English Program taught by 38 Western teachers. Brian and Dorothy each had 2 classes of 40 students.

Club Business:

  1. Carnival. All seems to be on track. Final sign-up sheets are available.
  2. Fireworks. Lance has done an outstanding job at raising funds for fireworks. Fund total is at $6000. Well done!
  3. Celebrations. Adam’s wife Kate has a birthday coming up. You’re welcome Adam.
  4. Bandshell. Final additions to bandshell will be another pull-down screen on the lake-side to cut down on wind.
  5. HCDC event. Brian Nash presented an opportunity for Rotary to co-host (with HCDC and Chamber of Commerce) a forum on Aug. 28 to solicit input into future planning for Haliburton County. With demographics poised to make significant changes to age groups, planning is important. Session will be held at Pinestone from 4-5:30 p.m. Members present approved.
  6. Thank you. Laurie from Rails End Gallery thanked club for assistance with tent for activities at Arts and Craft Sale July 25-7. It was a terrific year for the event with attendance up 4% from last year.

Adjournment: 7:40 p.m.

Card Game. Steve Roberts thought he might take $65.67 home but those plans didn’t work out for him.