Date: Jan. 2, 2014

Props to Pinestone for putting a pizza and salad meal together for us on short notice!

Meeting called to order by Pres. Lance followed by O Canada, Rotary Toast, Rotary Grace.

Introduction of guests: Adam vanNood joined us.

Sergeant at Arms: Brian issued a general fine to members who did not sit with members from Minden club at Christmas party. Happy bucks were contributed by Richard for being volunteered to drive Bobby Baun to Pond Hockey Tournament, by Maureen in appreciation of good Samaritans, by Ray for the value of local retail, by Diane for having family visiting, by Jim for not moving homes anymore after 3 times last year, and a sad buck by Curry for missing sun and shorts of Arizona.

Guest speaker:  Shanthi Bascombe, coordinator of SIRCH “Need a Hand” program.

Program started in May 2013 as a method to assist community members to manage their homes and lives. Advertised as helping with “the little things”.Shanti’s job is to administer the matching process. Work can be done by paid workers or by volunteers. Workers/volunteers register with SIRCH listing skills, talents. Workers are asked to volunteer at least 2 hrs/month. People needing any tasks done can hire workers at $25 per hour or apply for subsidy. Workers receive $15/hr. Funding difference assists with admin. and with subsidies for others. Construction work is not an acceptable request. Some examples of requests have included yard work, dump runs, pet sitting/walking, friendly visiting, minor repairs, stacking wood, moving.

In the first 6 months over 400 hrs. of service have been completed. 1002 jobs have been completed.

What they have learned:

-         there is a market for the service, esp. from paying customers. Some just don’t know who to call.

-        More subsidy is needed.

-        Some services become wrap-around.

-        Better assessment of repair jobs is needed.

Focus must be on service quality.

Next steps include exploring business partnerships, geographic/hub models.

Community can help by hiring or purchasing a service for themselves or others (funds from these fund subsidy requests); volunteer work time; donate to subsidy pot.

Club business:

1.      January greeters are Michele McTeague and Ray Selbie.

2.      Asst. District Governor will induct Adam Perecko on Jan. 25

3.      Jim Miners reported that:

a.      He did a make-up in Whitby Sunrisers and presented Clubs of 4 to interest from members.

b.      He did an on-line make-up and got the idea for photo essay contest. He is proposing for our club to develop and sponsor a contest of our own.

4.      Christmas parties. All were a great success – community party saw upwards of 300 people in attendance, luncheon saw several past and honorary members attend, and club party was a great joint effort.

5.      Bike distribution in Cambodia. Members of Steve Roberts’ hockey team contributed $6-700 towards bikes! Wonderful generosity. District Group is up to about 1000 bikes, above goal.

6.      Rotary anniversaries – Maureen O’Hara (12 yrs.), Jim Miners (14 yrs), Andy Glecoff (17 yrs), Ray Selbie (34 yrs). Note that unless edited in your bio. Anniversary dates default to Jan. 1 of the year of joining.

7.      Youth Exchange. Inbound short-term student has arrived from Argentina and is staying with Hannah Reddering and family.

8.      Hockey Night in Haliburton. Richard has tickets for viewing of “There’s Something in the Water” in park on Jan. 25 at $20 each.

9.      Auction. Due to conflict with Chamber of Commerce Gala, auction will be March 1 at Pinestone.

10.   Good food Box. Brian announced that program has received funding for next year. This year, 200 boxes were delivered – 68 subsidized. Brian will continue to volunteer the use of his van on third Thursday of each month. Volunteer drivers to deliver boxes to community hubs are welcome. It takes about 4 hrs. (9-1).

Adjournment at 7:20 p.m.

Card Game:

George tried to make a selection that would win him $249.50 but couldn’t make it happen.

Minutes taken by: Maureen O’Hara