Meeting called to order by Pres. Elect David followed by O Canada, Rotary Toast, Rotary Grace. David shared that earlier in the week,  Pres. Lance fell on the ice at Pinestone, broke his arm, and is scheduled for surgery on a shattered elbow tomorrow.

Introduction of guests: Rosemary Jung

Sergeant at Arms: Brian issued a general fine/happy buck to all those happy enough to have made it safely to the meeting tonight. Maureen was fined for not having the membership list up-to-date. He fined Brian for torpedoing the opportunity for a book deal about the newest media baron – Lord Lebo. Bram paid a happy buck for having sorted out the media baron issue.

Andy Salvatori introduced tonight’s program. Karl Hartwick and Bob Davis have been travelling on canoe trips for many years. In summer 2013, they participated in a trip of a lifetime. They travelled from June 28-August 25 through the Northern Yukon.They travelled with 4 other friends/seasoned canoeists. They travelled with wood/canvas canoes and were actually above the Arctic Circle. Their route included the Rat R., Snake R.,, Porcupine R. Weather forced some changes to the original schedule, so the travellers measured progress by elevation of terrain rather than distance. Portaging provided many challenges. The photos of the trip showed spectacular landscape, beautiful plants, and some beautiful wildlife pictures including albino porcupine, grizzly bear, caribou . They did some fishing, much hiking, and met some incredibly welcoming and helpful residents of places along the way. Residents shared stories, food, traditions, and hospitality. Looking to show their appreciation, the group donated a canoe made by Hugh Stewart to the residents of Old Crow Village, their last stop on the trip. The story has many facets, experiences, and discoveries which were obviously a terrific adventure and have lifelong memories for the duo.

Club business:

1.      Auction. Brian began distribution of tickets for Auction. Date: March 1. Place: Pinestone. Price: $45 p.p. Please give David ticket numbers as they are assigned/sold to people.

2.      Chamber of Commerce. Rosemary reminded members of Chamber of Commerce Awards and Gala on Feb. 22 at Pinestone. Deadline for nominations for awards has been extended to Jan. 22. Go to Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce web site for details.

3.      Hockey Night in Haliburton. Maureen reminded people that event coordinators are still looking for volunteers. Richard showed pictures of the 40’ screen which will show “There’s Something in the Water”.

4.      Océane shared that she went to Bracebridge to a sleepover with an exchange friend, went skiing, and visited the Haliburton donkeys at the Feed Store.

Adjournment at 7:30 p.m.

Andrew took a chance at winning $301, but flipped the 10 of Diamonds, and left the pot.

Minutes taken by: Maureen O’Hara